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How do you make perfect madness on Oblivion: the elder scrolls IV?

How do you make it in ever step

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Im going to guess you mean perfect madness armor, you just have to get to level 23+ i believe. my isles wont load anymore so i cant remember the exact level, its somewhere in the 20's though.

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I think the higher your level the better armor you will get ,i got mine perfect madness and amber all armor and weapons perfect when i was about level 28 ,i never tried it before level 28 tough so i am not very sure i guess you have to be a level 25 and above

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You must be over level 25 first of all. Then get about 30 pieces of madness ore, go to the smithy in crucible/bliss and click all the armour .
Note* If you have the martrices (commonly found on grummites), it will be heavily enchanted :)

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Madness weapons and armour need the ore and for Perfect Madness you need to be around 25-28
*Note that this applies to Amber as well

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Correction on my answer
there isn't any thing beyond perfect and so u just need to around or above lv 25

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