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Asked: 5 years ago

Conflicting Guild Quests?

What, if any, are the conflicting guild quests? For instance, would I be able to join all the guilds, then do all of their quests without having to worry about being kicked out?

If there are conflicting guild quests, for which guilds are they, and how can I avoid being kicked out of any of them?


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From: FlameTyphoon 5 years ago

There are no conflicting guild quests, you can join every guild and complete every one of them, i have and the only guild i purposely get kicked out of before i complete it is the Dark Brotherhood, because the wraith has an OK enchanted dagger, the higher your level the better it is.

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Doing all the quests in all the guilds wont affect any other guild quest line. Some quests will change certain aspect of the game like some characters will be replaced by other characters but otherwise u wont be kicked out. Unless u rob, kill a member of teh guild ur in like u can't kill a felow magician while robbing him ull get susspended. but not permanately kicked out.

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if by conflicting guild missions you mean missions that can get you suspended, then yes there is. I have found 2 of them on the 360 and I know their on the PC version. Don't start the mages guild until you are completely done with the Thieve's Guild. The two missions are stealing the Ice Staff to get rid of Lex, and when you get the Arrow Of Extrication from Fathis Aren. If the Arch-Mage catches you stealing the staff, or you Fathis Aren you will be kicked out of the Mages Guild. These are the only 2 instances I know of.

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