Question from Zalgoron

Asked: 5 years ago

Where do you buy lockpicks and how do you sell stolen items to fences?

I would like to know how to buy lockpicks, and how much they cost, as well as how to sell from a fence. When selling from the fence in Burma, he would ask me what I wanted to sell, and then end the conversation. I tried every possible option, as well as raise his disposition to max, but nothing works. Help!

Accepted Answer

From: Hisuhn 5 years ago

To buy lockpicks, go to one of your fences. They sell them (at the bottom of the list of items they sell to you). I believe they cost about 6 gold a pieces if you do not haggle/have high mercantile. The fences sell 100 lockpicks at one time.

To sell stolen items to your fences, go to them, and talk to them. At the bottom, go to the buy screen. Then in the tab that opens, center bottom, you see two bags, click on the left one and you can go to the items you currently have and sell the stolen items to your fences. The ones with a red hand in front of the picture increase the amount of money fenced

Hope thi shelps

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