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Asked: 5 years ago

Does Vampirism have any negative side effects?

Aside from the obvious damage when you go out in the sunlight, does Vampirism have any negative side effects? I kind of like the immunity to Disease and increases to every attribute. Does it take away stat gains on level up?

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From: kylekatarn10 5 years ago

One obvious one besides Sunlight is the way you'll interact with people. If you let it progress to it's full duration (Pretty sure it's 4 days) people won't even talk to you if you attempt to interact with them. There are ways around this however, as you also get a charm 100 pts. spell which make anyone talk to you. However there's a fairly long cooldown on it as well. The only thing I can think of is a heavy weakness to fire (it increases as you let the Vampirism take hold). That's all that coems to mind, hope it helped.

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If you become a vampire you'll either need 2 feed everysingle day or youll need 2 run around at night, the sun damage is another downside, it does not take away from stat gains on level up, and most people will talk to you mostly.

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1.Sun damage if you dont feed after you get a dream
2.weakness to fire
3.if u dont feed for 3 days it will get hard to interact with people
but the advantages are far better so i vote for vampirism

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dont become a vampire!!! I did amd when ever i wait or sleep i get health damage and i cant fast travel. you have to keep getting blood continuesly!

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