Question from Lilhieb10

Asked: 5 years ago

Is there a patch or something to get really low graphics?

With the lowest graphics setting, It looks Really bad, I can't see people, everything is white. Can I get a patch or a video card for my laptop so I can play oblivion? Is there anything I can do?

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Where is the mod at? is it at the oblivion website?

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oh, I found it on google. But thanks

Accepted Answer

From: f1reis0blivious 5 years ago

There is a mod ver. of oblivion called oldblivion that has been made to run on laptops and old pcs th grafx arn't that good (apparantly i havent used it) but apparantly it runs quickly and you still get all the quests and such

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Update to the newest drivers for your graphics card and get the most recent patch for the game. Otherwise you will likely have to get a new computer as laptops generally can't have their graphics card upgraded.

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No, not really. but on the other hand, you can get a decent graphics card for around $50.00. even the best don't run more than $250. and installation is pretty simple. but no, the developers only design a sertain range of graphics, to save them sevles trouble, plus the limitations of newer rendering programs wont allow low graphics anymore, imagine that. if you really need to lower your graphics, adjust your resolution to the lowest as well as everything else.

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