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Quest/Puzzle Help Answers
Armand Christophe missing? 2
Can someone help me with Canvas the Castle? 1
Castle Ravenpride? 1
Conflicting Guild Quests? 3
Elder Scrolls Oblivion help? 1
Glitch in Spirits Have Lease? 2
How do I buy a store? 6
How do I cure my vampirism when Raminus Polus won't talk to me? 2
How do i finish Where Spirits have Lease? 2
How do I get Earana's reward? 2
How do I get out of the Dagon Shrine? 3
How do I solve the Molog Bal quest? 1
How do I solve The Path of Dawn? 4
How do I solve The Potato Snatcher? 2
How do I solve The Thieves guild quest where you steal that statue thing than you need to track down that guy.? 1
How do I solve Vahcaten? 1
How do I solve Vahtacen pillar? 1
How do I start the Shrine of Namira? 1
How do you gain access to Anga??? The entrance is blocked by a stone. 1
How to restart a quest? 3
I've lost my Ayleid Reference Book that I need to solve that puzzle with the pillar in the cave. Please help? 2
Im trying to join mages guild? 2
in paradise how do I find Eldamil? 1
Necromancy altars? 1
Quest Glitches? 3
Salvian Matius wont give me the key for the locked door in oblivion? 2
Secret passage to the count? 1
When I go to church altars it says Repent, Wicked One! How can I change my status so I can heal in churches again? 2
Where do i find a Whillo-O-wisp tree to activate Camerons Paradise? 1
Where Spirits Have Lease? 1
Why I can't complete the Sheogorath quest? 2
why won't Kud-Ei in Bravil let me start the recomendation quest for the mages guild? 1

Item Location Help Answers
Any recommendations for thieving locations for profit? 5
Can I remove enchament from the weapon I just enchanted??? 1
Can you recharge magical items, and if so, how? 1
Cyridilic Wine? 1
How come this cheat doesnt work? I am trying to 20 dragons tongue plants 5
How do I open the (4) Crystal Chest's in the Shivering Isles? 1
How do i unlock all enchanting effects ? 2
How to sell stolen items in Shivering Isles? 1
Is it possible to get Mythic Dawn Bound Armor? 1
Is it possible to recreate the powers you earn in the Shivering Isle? 1
Is there any way to get the special items that the arena opponents have? 1
Mehrunes Razor help? 2
Skeleton Key? 1
The Coming Storm in SI? 1
What is the best equipment for high level? 1
What is the cheat to get best weapon? 2
What's with the jewels? 2
When do i start getting daedric armour? 1
Where can I buy vampire dust? 2
Where can I find (Key to Ft. Ontus)? 2
Where can I find (Mythic Dawn Houses )? 1
where can I find a Dragons Tongue and Redwort Flowers the best? 2
Where can I find a spell creation station outside the Arcane University? 1
Where can I find argonian blood? 1
Where can I find Bloodgrass after the Main Quest? 6
Where can I find brandy? 1
Where can I find ectoplasm? 3
Where can I find empty grand souls? 1
Where can I find items that weigh nothing? (for reverse-pickpocketing) 2
Where can I find my Oblivion disc? 4
Where can I find Reflect Damage Spells? 1
Where can I find something to make me invisible? 3
Where can I find the blood potency gym? 2
Where can I find the book The Lusty Argonian Maid? 1
Where can I find/How can I create healing potions? 1
Where does the forgotten note I found in rosethorn hall point to? 1
Which is better Umbra or Daedric? 6
Why can't I drop the Everscamp Staff? 6
Why can't I equipt certain clothing? 1
Why is it that the Staff of Worms revives guards, and...? 2

Technical Help Answers
3 Questions?? 1
Can my system run QTP3? 1
Can Oblivion run on Windows 7? 1
Can you run other mods on top of nvidia black screen fix? 2
Could I run this game decently well? 1
Dark Brotherhood Quest won't let me enter? 2
Fast Travel Glitch because of cheat? 1
File won't load? 1
Game lagging in combat ? 1
How do i erase weapons ive dropped they make my game slow? 3
How do I make the game faster? 1
How do I use Rar and 7z mod files? 1
How do I use the Oldblivion Mod? 1
I need to walk off the edge...? 1
In some indoors areas of the game, sometimes my screen turns completely black (or dark green)? 2
Is there a patch or something to get really low graphics? 3
My game wont run on higher graphics ? 3
No Darkness... Whattup? 1
Sometimes my normal Windows cursor will show up in the top left corner of my screen. How do I fix it? 1
Thieves guild glitch? 2
What processor and graphics do I need to play on the 1920 x 1200 screen? 1
when i load my game, all the armor that i enchanted is missing. How do i fix it so i dont lose it again? 1
Where is the saves in the Oblivion folder? 1
White screen, kind of like superbloom? cant see much. 1
Why can't I save my game? Please Help Me!! 1
Why does the game keep telling me (crc = A85E9BD8)? 1
Why doesnt the cheat bar not show up? 1
Why is my game not even starting? 2
Why is my player character moving irregularly, and how do I fix it? 2
Why is my screen black (or red when am in Oblivion) when I load my save game ? 1
Will Oblivion run well on this PC? 1
Will Oblivion work on my pc? 1

Other Help Answers
"This door leads nowhere"; what? 1
"Your killing has been observed by forces unknown."? 1
Am I infected? (AKA. In-game hypochondria) 3
Any Werewolf mods? 2
Battlehorn Castle - Availability? 4
Can you force a creature or cpu to be your companion? 1
Can you sell skill books without losing the skill? 1
Could I run this game reasonably well? 1
Difference between advskill skill # and modpcs skill/attribute 100 and player.setAV <Ability/attribute> <#> 1
Does magica cost still decrease after skill is over 100? 1
Does the chest in Vahticen reset? 2
Does the Magika cost of spells go down as you improve their respective skills? 1
Dragons? 2
Dropping items? 1
HELP please? 1
How do I cure Vampirism? 1
How do I delete spells? 2
How do I increase my carry weight with the console? 1
How do I sell things? 2
How do I trap a soul? 2
How do you install a mod on Windows XP? 2
How do you make marks or posts on the map? 1
How do you summon a soul trapped monster? 2
How to achieve achievements? 1
I Got This Game And Bioshock For The PC How Much Memery Is It??? 1
I have books named Disintegrate Armor, Disintegrate Weapon,etc- what are they for? 1
I Lost Shadowmere? 1
In Knights of the Nine cure affliction? 1
In Knights of the Nine is the only way to get my infamy to zero doing the wayshrines? 1
In the Oblivion.ini file, why are 2 of the commands in it twice? 1
In which order is it best to play, to complete all the guilds quests, without any conflicts between them? 1
Increase Magicka with tilde key? 4
Installing mods? 1
Is it possible to create an entirely new game? 3
Is it possible to remove an enchantments? 2
Is there a max magicka for each race? 1
Is there a mod to create NPCs? 2
Is there a way to change my race/face/etc. using the console? 1
Is there a way to change your race, hair, name, etc. after leaving the sewers? 1
Is there a way to force a character to use a certain spell/weapon/potion? 1
Is there an online Oblivion game? 1
Mods!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mods!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mods!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ? 1
No Shire of Talos? 2
Oblivion Mod Downloading? 1
Pets? 6
Please Help me, I get this error message Why? 1
Question about disecting a mod, is it gonna be ok? 1
Shadowmere is missing, she's not even at Fort Farragut? 2
Sheogorath Missing? 1
Shivering Isles or KoN? 3
There are Oblivion gates that 2 gates in one plain? 1
Thieves Guild glitch help? 1
Vampire victims? 1
Vampirism? 1
What do you think? 1
What happens if you kill a Stranger? 1
What parts of the game "reset" after a cell or other reset? 1
What's the mod that lets the player do actions (reading, drinking, etc.)? 1
What's the most powerful blade in the game? 1
Where can i buy it? 3
Where can I find my other mounts? 1
Where can i get forify attribute spells? 1
Where can I get the Construction Set? 3
Where do I buy houses? 4
Where do you buy lockpicks and how do you sell stolen items to fences? 1
Where would I find my saved games? 1
Which shopkeeper has the most gold available? 1
Why cant i "open the console" to use cheats ?I hit the tilde key but it doesnt work when i push the key. 1
Why does everybody keep telling me this? 2
Zombie invasion mod? 1

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