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Enemy/Boss Help Answers
How do I beat (Maceron Cameron)? 1

Quest/Puzzle Help Answers
Glitched Oblivion Quests? 0
About the Servant Of the Dawn Quest? 1
Anyone know a way around purification? 5
Anyone know how the Viconia De Vir mod progresses? 2
Best way to kill Toutious Sextious in quest Paranoia? 3
Can't finish the ayleid statue quest? 2
Completing the Lifting the Veil Quest? 1
Failed a rat problem? 1
Fathis Aren? 1
Fingers of the mountain ??? 3
Glitch finishing Shadow over Hackdirt quest? 2
Hey theys a bounty on my head , is there any way of removing it ???? 1
How do I beat the Canvas the castle, quest? 4
How do I complete The Ultimate Heist? 2
How do I complete the Vampire Cure quest? 2
How do I do that Thieves Guild Mission? 4
How do I find the statue in sardavar leed? 1
How do I solve (Vahtacen's Secret)? 2
How do I solve lost histories? 2
How do I solve Rosethorn Cache ? 1
How do I solve Skingrad Mage's Guild Recommendation? 2
How to I get through the "invisible" exit in the Red Gnash Paths inside the Anvil Gate? 1
I have lost the lost paladines of the divines... Help? 1
in the methic dawn quest Gwinas isn't showing up at the book store ? 3
Keeping Baurus alive? 3
Leyawiin Mages Guild recommendation quest? 1
Midas Astral Plane Crystals? 1
Oblivion mod integration the stranded light, can somebody help me with quests? 1
Quest items- how do I fix this bug? 1
Sealed orders from Lucien? 1
Servant of the dawn mod under siege? 1
Spirits have lease?\ 1
Stendarr's Mercy Problem!! Please help? 2
Stuck on Knights of the Nine? 1
The Gray Prince? 1
Where are the black soul gems in falcar's dresser? 2
Where do I get help with Shivering Isles quests? 2

Technical Help Answers
Why does the game keep telling me the Compressed file isn't compatible with my setup's .cab during installation? 0
Why does the game stop working before I even reach the menu? 0
Why won't Oblivion XP load? 0
Able to run this game? 2
Any specific advice on graphics card? 2
Are the add-ons for Oblivion compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit systems for PC or just 32-bit? 1
Arrows shot into enemies don't show up on the body? 2
Blue Screen?!?? 1
Can I use My ext. Hard drive to replace the disk? 1
Can my computer run this game? 1
Can't stand up? 1
Cannot loot bodies or chests? 1
Cant' get blender files to go to .nif, can anyone help? 1
Closing the cheat window? 3
Connecting a wireless xbox controller to the pc game? 1
Console ?? 2
Does the mod 28 days and a bit mod work for xbox 360? 1
Game crashes at start? 1
how do I cure slow magic and door Graphic effects? 1
How do i summon items using the commands menu? 1
How do I use the Online oblivion mod? 1
How to install FCOM Beta 9.9 for Beginners Update #1 problem ? 1
How to uninstall oblivion and remove the mods with it? 1
I can't open the command prompt (~)? 4
I can't take screen caps? 1
I cant open the console? 2
I Realy Need Help Big Time!!!!!? 2
Is it possible to summon multiple creatures at once? 4
Is there anyway to change the menu and subtitles languages? 1
Is this a glitch keeping me from finishing the thieves guild? 1
Ive got Battlehorn castle, and all other plugins, but i get all the notes except from Battlehorn castle? 1
Mod help? (if someone else has the yellow exclamtion mark too, i recommendend having a look here) 6
My copy of Elder Scroll 4 is not installing ... why? 1
Oblivion keeps crashing? 2
Partial save file transfer possible? 1
Question about graphics card? 1
Shivering Isles Won't Show Up? 1
Some cheat codes wont work? 1
System Requirements and should I purchase this game? 3
The voices (dialog) arent working? 1
Transfering saves? 1
Using Old saves? 1
What are some of the best mods in order to improve Oblivon's performance? 1
Why am I missing activation icons? 1
Why are cheats not working? 1
why can't I get the cheat code console up? 1
Why can't I install the patch for Oblivion? 1
Why can't I start the game? 3
Why Cant some mods work? 2
Why did it stop running? 1
Why do enemies hit right through me? 1
Why do shadows flicker? 1
Why does every time I hit something with a sword the game crashes ? 2
Why does it keep crashing? 6
Why does it take forever? 2
Why does the game crash under xp? 1
Why does the game keep crashing when I try to start it? 11
Why does the game keep giving me a Catastrophic Error in installation(and how do I fix it)? 1
Why does the game keep telling me (0xc0000005) then closes? 1
Why doesn't Oblivion want to upload onto my PC? 2
Why doesn't the console open when I press the '~' key? 4
Why don't container meshes show up? Related to FCOM 1
Why I can't be blessed in the church? 3
Why won't the expansion work the others do? 2
Why won't the game let me start a new file? 1
Why wont my game start? 1
Will Oblivion work on my computer? 1

Other Help Answers
Bloodgrass? 0
Bravil house bug? 0
!!!!!!!!!!Skeleton Mod?!!!!!!!!!! 1
A cheat for sneak? 8
Am i missing a step when loading mods? 1
An Animation Problem: hand jut out on moving forward? 1
Are there mods for removing selling, applying posion popups? 1
Arrow stuck in my character's body?! 4
Attribute Modifiers When Leveling Up? 1
Auto-Run Glitch? 1
Black Eyes? 3
Can I use Bryce 3d with oblivion? 1
Can the game of the year use mods? 1
Can you activate God Mode on an NPC? 3
Can you have more than one file? 1
Cannot find anyone to sell or repair items as a vampire? 1
Cheydinhal Mages Guild Interior Glitch? 1
Console code problem,help? 3rd time =.= 1
Controller Problems? 3
Count Hassildor is stalking me? 1
Created item id? 0
Creating a Solid Snake like Character? 1
Do cheats work in Steam? 2
Do I need to have played the other game? 2
Do unofficial mods work on windows vista? 2
Do you get infected by the werewolf? 2
Glitched door during The Ultimate Heist? 1
Help for high resolution screen capture? 1
HELP!!!!! does anyone know how to properly install the akatosh mount mod????????plz!!! 2
How can I raise my Magika above 200? 3
How do I become an imperial guard? 4
How do i buy rosethorn hall? 1
How do I create a Clone Army? 2
How do i create new nif's in the construction set? 2
How do i disable the hot key menu? 1
How do I get new spells? 1
How do I properly install the feint death mod? 2
how do I set the weight of an item? 1
How do you sit items down when you buy a house? 1
How do you turn the invincibilty off of the count of leawiin? 1
How is the idea of living a virtual life inside the world of Oblivion? 2
How many towns and settlements are there in Cyrodil? 3
How to setweight? 1
How to use a permanent storage? 1
I am starting a new game on Oblivion IV and I can't pick any other character than Imperial? 2
I can't open my console, why not? 1
I have a problem with the fighters guild quest line can some1 help? 2
I need to find a certain place called a spire it is supose to be in the moutains be hind cloud ruler temple?. 2
I want my dessert? 2
I'm stuck at the Kvatch Castle. Npcs are stuck. How do I move on? 2
Is there any nudity in this game? 2
Is there anywhere u can download 1
Journal wont update when I activate the glass of time? 1
Leveling confusion...? 2
Lighting problem? 1
Lost CD and cant uninstall? 1
Money and Alchemy? 4
Need Horses for my army? 1
Nehrim Endurance attribute set to zero penalty? 1
Not sure how to go about using mods, help? 1
Pirate lair problems, any ideas? 5
Regarding the game of the year edition. Help? 2
Screen shots for Oblivion? 2
Steps for using mods? 1
Thieve's guild. need help? 2
ToddTest? 3
Using console for animations? 1
Vampire things? 1
Werewolf mod? 1
What is the max player level? 4
Where can i buy high level summons? 1
Where do i find the beta 3 werewolf mod? 1
Where do i go to Downloud for free mods? 3
Where do you find a fence?? 1
Where do you find Shadowmere? 1
Where i go to find Martin again? 2
Where is the cheapest house in any town?? 2
Why can't I do anything besides power attacks? 1
Why can't I enter cheat codes? 5
Why cant i open up the console? 1
Why do people disrespect me all of a sudden?(create your own question) 1
Why my item equipped with sigil stone is lost from my inventory?? 3
Why won't these cheats work? 1
Will cheats mods the Construction Set work with goty ? 1
Zombie mod? 1

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