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The Elder Scrolls IV:  Oblivion
This FAQ copyright 2006 by me, Aaron Kirschner
All rights implied by the above statement are reserved.
The most up-to-date version of this FAQ will be on GameFAQs

Table of Contents (use four letter codes to fast search)
1. Introduction  (ITDC)
2. Version History (VSHS)
3. Where You Create Spells (WYCS)
4. How You Create Spells (HYCS)
5. Benefits of Creating Spells (BOCS)
6. Tips for Better Spells (TFBS)
7. Advanced Tricks (ADTR)
8. Pre-Made Spells (PRSP)
9. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)
10. Contact Me (CNME)
11. Legal Information (LGIF)
10. Thanks (THKS)

Introduction (ITDC)

This is a basic guide to creating spells in the Elder Scrolls IV:  Oblivion.  I
wrote it because there was no other FAQ for it on the site, except for brief
overviews contained in other guides.  My hope is that this FAQ will become a
good reference for anyone new to creating spells, and that it will become a
compilation of spells that many people have created.  In the first version of
this guide, the pre-made spells will only be ones that I have made, but please
send me yours and I will post them with credit.  Know that this is my first
guide.  Also, I will do my best to update it regularly, but know that I am in
college and have a life.

Version History (VSHS)

V 0.10:  August 8, 2006
I wrote the introduction and Where You Create Spells section.

V 0.30:  August 9, 2006
I continued through Benefits of Creating spells section.

V 0.50:  August 10, 2006
Did tips for better spells and half of Advanced Tricks

V 0.90:  August 11, 2006
First submitted version of guide.  All parts completed, only my pre-made spells

V 0.92:  August 16, 2006
Added Brian Litofsky's trick and corrected some issues.  Still need pre-made
spells from other people.

V 0.93:  August 23, 2006
Added one new spell to the guide and corrected an error in one of my spells.
Also added to the legal information.

V 1.00:  August 29, 2006
Finally a full version.  I have added new spells that have been submitted,
added tips from two readers, and have corrected a few errors.  Also, I added
the FAQ section.

V 1.02:  September 5, 2006
Added one new spell to the list and reordered the spells so that they are in
some semblance of an order.  Also added to the FAQ.

V 1.03:  September 7, 2006
Something went very wrong in the formatting of this guide in V. 1.02.
I'll try and correct this so that the guide is readable in this version.  Also
added one new spell.

V 1.04:  September 18, 2006
I added a FAQ and cleaned up the formatting a little more.  Also, I made some
slight revisions to the wording of the guide.  Nothing here that should really
change what was here before.

V 1.10:  December 20, 2006
Wow, long time away from this guide.  But college has been fun and my 360 is
fixed.  There are lots of new spells here and some corrections and additions to
other sections.

Where You Create Spells (WYCS)

Spells can be created in two places in Oblivion, although the main version of
the game includes only one.  The first place, and the one that most people will
use, is at the Arcane University.  There is a room called the Praxographical
center.  It is the farthest door on one side of the university (the one where
the podium is).  To gain entrance to the Arcane University, you must first get
recommendations from all the Mages Guilds. There is a good guide to this on
GameFAQs by imadeaguide.  The other place you can create spells is at Frostcrag
Spire.  This is only available if you download Bethesda's Frostcrag Spire
add-on.  For a guide on how to access spell making there, see NightmareHunter's
guide on GameFAQs.  At either location, use one of the Altars of Spell making
and the process begins.

How You Create Spell (HYCS)

Creating spells in really quite easy.  All you need to begin is access to an
altar of spell making, some gold, and some version of the spell(s) you are
going to tweak.  When you approach the altar of spell making, you will see two
columns.  One will have all of the effects that you can add to the spell.
Theother, for the time being, will be blank.  The list of effects you can add
to the spell are all the effects of spells you currently know.  For this
example, lets assume you know effect of frost damage.

Scroll your cursor over the effect you want and click "A" to select it.  For
now lets say you want frost damage.  Now a sub-menu will pop-up and give you
four choices.  The first one, range, is what the spell effects.  You have
choices between touch, target, and self.  Note that you don't need to know a
targeted frost spell to make one; just some spell with frost damage.  Touch has
the damage occur on touch, target shoots the spell at distant enemies, and self
makes you hurt yourself (not very useful).  You will notice that as the spell
gets more powerful, it also gets more expensive to use target vs. touch.  The
next choice is that amount of damage per second that the spell will do.  This
can be any whole number between three and 100.  I have noticed that this isn't
always perfectly accurate, but it is a very close estimate to say that this is
the damage per second.  If anyone knows otherwise, please drop me an e-mail.
As this goes up, obviously the spell becomes more costly to make and to cast.
Also, as the spell becomes more powerful, you will need a higher skill in its
college to cast it.

The next choice only appears for touch and target, but because this is a damage
spell that's all we care about.  The choice is area.  This is that circle in
which this spell affects objects.  You can set a range of zero, or from 10 to
100 ft.  If the range is set to zero, the spell will only affect the enemy that
it hits.  If higher than zero, the spell will affect all enemies within an X
ft. circle of the spells point of impact, where X is that number chosen for
area.  Again, a higher area means a more powerful and thus more expensive spell.

The final choice is the amount of time that the spell affects the enemy for.
This can be any number between 1 and 100 seconds.  So, if you have your spell
set to do 7 damage per second and you set duration to 7 seconds, that means
that the spell will do 7 damage a second for 7 seconds on the enemy, for a
total of 49 damage after 7 seconds.  Duration can be what really makes your
spells jump in cost because it can substantially increase the effect that they
have.  Once your satisfied with the attributes you have selected, press "X"

Most spells behave in the same way when being created, but I will highlight
some differences in other effects now.  First, a fortify attribute spell has an
additional choice of, guess what, attribute effected.  Again, you need not know
a spell for every attribute to pick all of them; an effect for just one will
give you access to all.  For an Open Lock spell, you simply choose the level of
the lock you want to open.  Don't bother with the area, because there are
virtually no places in the game where it would have an impact.  Besides that,
most of the spells are self-explanatory.  When you have set the attributes of
an effect, you will see them listed in the Added Effects column.

But it's no fun to just make spells that just have one effect, is it?  Never
fear, you can put as many effects into a spell as you like.  After you go
through the process of setting one effect, simply go to the Known Effects
column again and select another effect and repeat the process to add that
effect.  Once you have added all of your effects to the spell, simply press "X"
to create it, and you now have a brand new spell to cast.

Benefits of Creating Spells (BOCS)

Why, might you ask, should I bother creating spells and not just buy them from
the guilds?  Well, first of all, there are many spells that you have to create,
not even including the hybrid kinds.  For example, you can never find an "Open
Very Hard Lock" spell for sale.  If you wanted to use a spell to open very hard
locks, you would have to make a spell for it.  Another great benefit to
creating spells, even if you use only one effect, is being able to set your
spells to exactly the level you need them at.  For example at certain levels,
the only spells you will be able to buy spells that are too powerful and too
expensive, or spells that are too weak.  Being able to set your spells to
exactly the level you need is a great benefit.

The real benefit of creating your own spells, however, comes from being able to
mix and match effects, even between colleges.  Now you can make spells that
damage the enemy while healing you, or spells that disintegrate the your
opponents weapons and decimate their stats.  Or you can just mix and match
damaging effects for lots of destruction.  Remember that the more powerful you
make your spell, the more gold and magicka it will cost.  You pay the gold when
you use the spell altar, and the magicka every time you cast the spell.

Once you start to make your own spells, you will realize how much better than
buying them it is.  You will still have to buy spells from time to time, mostly
to learn new effects.  It's important to note that the known effects do not
include spell scrolls, only spells that you have learned.  However, except to
learn new effects, there is rarely a reason not to make your own spells.

Tips for Better Spells (TFBS)

The most important thing I can stress about creating your own spells is that
you make them suit your character.  Because being able to create spell requires
you to go through the Mages Guild or Frostcrag spire, you will have already
been using spells throughout the game.  So I recommend that the spells you
create are extensions of these spells.  For example, if you have been using
touch damage spells as your primary offense, the spells you create should be
touch damage spells.  The best thing to do is to tweak the spells to your
liking, and to add small other effects.

One of the best things to add to almost any spell is Restore Health 3 points
for 2 seconds on Self.  While this effect may seem insignificant, if this is on
a spell that you use continuously, the three extra point of health will add up.
This effect generally adds no more than one or two points of magicka to the
cost of the spell, and the slight benefit to health offsets the extra points of
magicka.  Although this is useful in almost any spell you make, it is most
useful to put this on low cost spells that you can cast almost indefinitely.
On these spells, especially if they are ranged, you will be getting all the
benefits of the normal spell, plus regaining health.

On the more expensive spells, you might want to stay away from the above tip.
The reason is that once the spell gets costly enough, your not going to be
casting it enough to make the health bonus worth it.  Instead, go with either
more of the main effect of the spell, or go with an added effect that
compliments the main effect.  For example, if the main effect of the spell is
to deplete your opponent's strength, it might be useful to add on a minor
disintegrate weapon effect.  That way the spell not only hits the main
attribute of the enemy, but also makes their weapon less useful.

Wayne Stevenson has this to say about creating spells:
"I've noticed that target spells cost more magicka and can require a higher
skill level than the touch spells do for example if you create a shock damage
spell on target with a magnitude of 26 it requires a skill level of 50 but the
same spell on touch only requires a skill level of 25 this is also good to know
if you like to get up close and personal with your enemies like me!"

Aaron Kent wrote to me discussing tips to keep spells costs down:
"The magicka cost of spells goes up the more effective they are. For example,
the more damage a frost spell does upon impact with a target, the more magicka
it costs. However, this can be exploited. Doing 20 frost damage on impact will
cost 10mp, but 10 for 2 seconds will only cost 8, doing the same damage for a
cheaper magicka cost. You can also add a number of low level spells that do
just as much damage as a much larger more expensive spell."

Kent also submitted a spell that is quite a good example of this.

Advanced Tricks (ADTR)

The real trick to creating spells is to make sure that they fit the perfect
balance for your level.  What this means is that you want them to be powerful
enough that they will be useful against your enemies, but not so powerful that
you will decimate your magicka by casting them once.  What I recommend here is
to have three offensive spells, one restoration spell, and one protection
spell.  For the offensive spells, you should have two that cost about one sixth
to one eighth of your total magicka, and one that is well less than one tenth
of your total magicka.  One of the two more expensive spells should be purely
offensive and be able to do considerable damage, while the other I recommend
having an added effect of healing your character considerably.  The cheep spell
should be primarily offensive, but also have the restore heath effect described
in the last section.  For the restoration spell, I recommend having both
restore health and restore fatigue and costing the spell at about the same as
the powerful offensive spells.  The protection spell should be at about the
same level as the other powerful spells.  I prefer to use effect of shield,
fortify endurance, and resist magicka.  This can obviously be tweaked to better
protect your character, but I find this to be what works for my Breton.  Also,
these are only the main spells that you will be binding to your D-pad.  You
will obviously need others that you select from your submenu.  These spells are
generally more for specific situations, like lock opening spells and water

Another interesting thing to note about created spells is that while you can
mix and match effects from different colleges, the spell is only considered to
be from one college.  The college that it is from is the college of the first
effect of the spell.  This is important to know because if you have a low skill
in one area, you can set the first effect from the skill you a good in and no
matter how big the effect from the other school is, you will not need any skill
points in it to cast the spell.  For example, lets say that you want to make a
spell that requires an Alteration skill of 75, but you alteration skill is only
37.  Well, if you have a Restoration skill of 75, you could just put the
Restoration as the first effect and the Alteration as the second.  Because the
game sees the spell as a Restoration spell, your Restoration skill is the only
one that is needed to cast it.  (Some people have claimed problems with this.
From what I have seen, you still need a decent level in all of the colleges,
just not as high as you would if the effect is the primary one.  What I would
assume is that you need one level lower of mastery.  If someone would look
further into this, that would be most appreciated.)

Going further on the spell colleges, it is also important to know that only one
skill will gain points from each spell you cast.  That skill is, you guessed
it, the one that the first effect is from.  This is important to know, because
if you want your destruction to increase, you need to set destruction as the
first effect of the spell.  While people might think that this can be used to
quickly train lower skills by putting them first, this is only the case if both
skills are close in number.  For example, lets say that I am a novice in
Mysticism (skill<25).  Now, I decide that I'm going to train that skill by
making a Destruction spell that I use all the time by putting a very minor
Mysticism effect at the top of it.  Well, because the Mysticism skill is listed
first, the game sees this as a Mysticism spell.  Of course, now the spell
requires a Mysticism skill of the same level as the Destruction skill would be
if the spell didn't have Mysticism on it.  So you see that even though you can
trick the game to think that the spell is of a different college, this often
isn't a good idea because you might actually want to cast the spell.  This fake
training trick only works when the two skills are about equal.  There are other
tricks with this, but most of them are downright cheats, so I won't go into
them here.

Brian Litofsky has another trick that he uses:
"I have another reason to create spells, which is actually why I've created
most of my spells. Spell effects stack if you're casting a different spell,
even if the effect is the same. This is a useful way to get around skill caps.
For example, casting two spells that are normally skill < 50 spells, may sum up
to an effect that's the equivalent of an expert or master level spell.

I've used this most often for Chameleon, to effectively go fully invisible but
able to do stuff, even before my illusion was maxed. For example, I bought the
spell "Shadow", but then created the spell "Shadow S'more": (This is an Expert
level example, but can work for lower levels.)

Shadow (purchased spell)
Requirements: Illusion 75
Effects: Chameleon 50% on self for 30 seconds

Shadow S'more (created spell)
Requirements: Illusion 75
Effects: Chameleon 50% on self for 30 seconds

Yes, it's the same spell, but when cast right after each other, you effectively
get 100% chameleon for 30 seconds, which you would need Illusion 100 to
actually cast. These can stack up as well, at lower levels. I've even found
that it's useful at Master level later in the game, as I created these two

Long Chameleon A:
Requirements: Illusion 100
Effects: Chameleon 55% on self for 60 seconds

Long Chameleon B:
Requirements: Illusion 100
Effects: Chameleon 55% on self for 60 seconds

Once again, these are the same two spells. Why'd I do this? First of all, I
wanted a 100% chameleon spell, because you can't buy one in game. However, even
if I created a 100% chameleon spell, it would still only be effective at 95%
(or less) because of armor. Secondly, I didn't have the magicka to cast a
longer duration 100% chameleon spell. However, I could cast two 60 second 55%
ones. So, by casting two equivalent spells, I get the effect I want with lower
costs and more manageability."

It's an interesting idea.  I haven't had a chance to try it, but it makes sense
that this would work.  However, make sure that you make two DIFFERENT spells.
If you cast the same spell twice it will only renew the time bar, not stack the

Pre-Made Spells (PRSP)

Here is a list of spells that have been created by me or other players.  Please
see the contact me section on how to submit your spells.  When I list the
magicka cost, it is the cost for that specific player.  Your cost may be higher
or lower depending on you level and stats.

Lightning Helix
Submitted by:  Clarinet_Hawk
Requirements:  Restoration 50
Magicka:  28
Effects:  Restore Health 25 pts for 1 sec on self
          Shock Damage 10 pts for 1 sec on target

Submitted by:  Clarinet_Hawk
Requirements:  Destruction 25
Magicka:  7
Effects:  Fire damage 5 pts for 2 sec on target
          Frost damage 5 pts for 2 sec on target
          Restore health 3 pts for 1 sec on self

Triple Elemental
Submitted by:  Clarinet_Hawk
Requirements:  Destruction 50
Magicka:  25
Effects:  Fire damage 10 pts for 3 sec on touch
          Frost damage 10 pts for 3 sec on touch
          Shock damage 10 pts for 3 sec on touch

Death Blast
Submitted by:  Aaron Kent
Requirements:  Destruction 75
Magicka:  60
Effects:  Fire damage 20 pts for 2 sec on target
          Frost damage 20 pts for 2 sec on target
          Shock damage 20 pts for 2 sec on target

Elemental Blast
Submitted by:  Z22793
Requirements:  Destruction 75
Magicka:  55
Effects:  Weakness to Fire 100% for 1 sec on target
          Weakness to Frost 100% for 1 sec on target
          Weakness to Shock 100% for 1 sec on target
          Fire damage 30 pts for 1 sec on target
          Frost damage 30 pts for 1 sec on target
          Shock damage 30 pts for 1 sec on target

Battle Meditation
Submitted by:  Clarinet_Hawk
Requirements:  Alteration 25
Magicka:  25
Effects:  Shield 15% for 30 sec on self
          Fortify Endurance 5 pts for 30 sec on self
          Fortify magicka 6 pts for 30 sec on self

Improved Battle Meditation
Submitted by:  Clarinet_Hawk
Requirements:  Alteration 50
Magicka:  42
Effects:  Shield 20% for 30 sec on self
          Feather 100 pts for 30 sec on self
          Fortify Endurance 10 pts for 30 sec on self
          Fortify Light Armor 5 pts for 30 sec on self
          Restore Health 10 pts for one sec on self
Note:  Light Armor can be changed to Heavy Armor with no penalty.

Battle Respite
Submitted by:  Clarinet_Hawk
Requirements:  Restoration 25
Magicka:  24
Effects:  Restore health 13 pts for 2 sec on self
          Restore fatigue 11 pts for 2 sec on self

Legendary Haggeler
Submitted by:  Yoav Azaira
Requirements:  Restoration 25
Magicka:  40-60
Effects:  Fortify Mercantile 100 pts for one sec on self
          Fortify Personality 100 pts for one sec on self
          Charm 100 pts on touch
Note:  Use just before talking to a merchant for big savings.

Hand of the Blessed Light
Submitted by:  Clarinet_Hawk
Requirments:  Illusion 75
Magicka:  71
Effects:  Light 100 ft for 120 sec on self
          Shield 5% for 120 sec on self
          Fortify Luck 5 pts for 120 sec on self

Eyes of the Dragon
Submitted by:  Koncord
Requirements:  Mysticism 50
Magicka:  98
Effects:  Nighteye 25 sec on self
          Detect life 100 ft for 25 sec on self

Shadow Walk
Submitted by:  Clarinet_Hawk
Requirements:  Illusion 75
Magicka:  85
Effects:  Chameleon 55% for 30 sec on self
          Night-Eye for 30 sec on self
          Fortify Sneak 5 pts for 30 sec on self

Big Jump
Submitted by:  Clarinet_Hawk
Requirements:  Restoration 50
Magicka:  35
Effects:  Fortify Speed 100 pts for 3 sec on self
          Feather 100 pts for 3 sec on self
          Fortify Acrobatics 100 pts for 3 sec on self

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Q: Why didn't my spell get added?
A: I only post spells that have multiple effects.  Anyone can make a huge
single effect spell.  The purpose of the pre-made spells section (and making
spells for that matter) is to combine different effects for an interesting mix.
There is nothing interesting about Shock damage 100 on target.

Q: Where can I buy a fortify attribute spell?
A: For those of you without Frostcrag Spire, you can't.  If you have it, you
can find Aurelinwae a buy them from her.  Alternatively, you could pick a race
and/or a birthsign with a fortify attribute effect (i.e. The Thief) to get the
effect added to your known effects.

Q: Is there any way to make spells with permanent effects?
A: No.  You could enchant some armor or rings, but that is a different topic
than creating spells.

Q: Can you add a soultrap spell to another spell to make a constant effect
spell like you can in Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind?
A: As far as I know, you cannot.  I have not played Morrowind, nor is Mysticism
my strong point, so anyone who wants to look into this and e-mail me should.
At the present, however, no you cannot.

Q: Can I make a spell to help me fly?
A: No.  I have created the spell "Big Jump," but that's the closest you will
get to flying.  I guess you could create ten different fortify acrobatics 100
pts. on self and cast them one on top of the other to get even higher, but to
what end?

Contact Me (CTME)

Ok, before I give out the e-mail address that you can reach me at, I will lay
down some ground rules about e-mailing me.  First of all, do not send me mass
e-mails.  I will block you and you will not be able to ask or send me anything
ever.  Second, I am creating a new e-mail account for this guide.  Know that
this is my third e-mail account.  I plan to check this at least once a week,
but I do have other duties, like practicing clarinet.  I will try to respond to
your question if I think the guide doesn't accurately answer it.  Also, when
you send me spells, please give me the details that I listed in the above
section.  Also, if you have a very high level character, please note that so I
can adjust the magicka costs accordingly.  Finally do not send me an
attachment.  I will not open it.  Ok, here are the three reasons you should
e-mail me.

1.  Submitting your own Spells for the Pre-Made spells list
2.  Questions about this guide
3.  Reporting errors that I have made in the guide

The following are things that you should not e-mail me about

2.  How to I complete the Mages Guild
3.  Anything not listed in the three reasons to e-mail me.

Also, please have some kind of subject that lets me know what the e-mail is
about.  Ok so here it is; the e-mail address to send me stuff at.

There you are.  Use it wisely.

Legal Information (LGIF)

This guide is the sole property of Clarinet_Hawk and the primary user of this
alias on, Aaron Kirschner.  Any reproduction without express
written consent is prohibited.  If you want consent to post part of this FAQ on
your site, please e-mail me with the URL of your site and the reason that you
want to post this.  Also, you may only post PART of this guide.  You must tell
me what part you want to post.  Next, permission to post part of one version of
this guide does not extend to permission to post any other part of that same
version nor does it allow that part of a subsequent version to be posted.  Do
not contact me if your site has inappropriate content, because you will be
refused permission to post on it.  Nor will I permit any part of this FAQ to
appear on a site that requires payment.  Finally, do not put my e-mail address
or name on your site.  The only thing that your site should reference me as is
Clarinet_Hawk.  This, of course, must be present any time you use my work.

If I deem that you may use my work, I will send you an e-mail explicitly
stating so.  That e-mail will also include a list of requirements as to what,
where, and how you may post it.  If you fail to follow any of the guidelines,
you will lose permission to post any of my works.

Thanks (THKS)

To anyone who submits spells for this guide
To my girlfriend for giving me this game
To my parents for giving me an XBOX 360
To Bethesda for making this game
To Jesse Buck for pointing out an error
To the other Oblivion FAQ writers for giving me references