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4-2 Help?

Im stuck on level 4-2 can someone help me? Also can you help me with 4-3 4-4 4-5 in case i need help with it?


itachi0105 answered:

4-2: Seymour, Gumbo, Blip
4-3, 4-4, 4-5: Seymour, Gumbo, Amp.
If you have 4 pet limit, add in nimbus, gash, or angie.
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itachi0105 answered:

P.s: Ultravours eat Carnviours but produce $2000
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Ircher answered:

4-2: Use Blip, Wadsworth (Type ll is so, so annoying!), and Zorf (You'll have a ton of fish, especially without Amp.)

Buy max everything except weapon - between wadsworth and the number of fish, lv. 8 is all that is needed. Keep 1 Ultravore & 1-3 Carnivores at one time.

4-3: Use Amp, Blip, and any pet that helps with money.
You'll meet aliens: Type G & Type Balrog (Lion aka b for short) with P.
Use 4-2 Strategy; food Quantity first!! And only lv. 6 laser.
ALWAYS have 3 AND only 3 breeders. Only 1 Ultra and max of 3 Carnivores (Carn for short)

4-4: Use Blip, Amp, and Gash.
Aliens are Type ll & Type D with U.
Again use above 2 strategies and lv. 6 OR 8 weapon. 5 Breeders, 2 Ultras, and 3-5 Carns asap at all times.

I'll let you find a strategy for 4-5, however use angie and amp and PREFERABLY Bllip to win.
Aliens: Type ll (first), B with P, D with U.

Hope this helps!
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