FAQ/Walkthrough by TStodden

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Insaniquarium Deluxe FAQ
by TStodden (TStodden@hotmail.com)
version 2.002 - Silver Edition

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1) Introduction
2) Controls
3) Game Modes
4) Fishes
	4.1) Guppies
	4.2) Carnivores
	4.3) Star Catchers
	4.4) Guppy Crunchers
	4.5) Beetle Munchers
	4.6) Breeders
	4.7) Ultravores
	4.8) Ball Fish
5) Aliens
	5.1) Sylvester
	5.2) Balrog
	5.3) Gus
	5.4) Destructor
	5.5) PsychoSquid
	5.6) Ulysses
	5.7) Bilaterus
	5.8) Cyrax
	5.9) Mini-Sylvester
6) Your Pets
	6.1) Stinky the Snail
	6.2) Niko the Oyster
	6.3) Itchy the Swordfish
	6.4) Prego the Momma Fish
	6.5) Zorf the Seahorse
	6.6) Clyde the Jellyfish
	6.7) Vert the Skeleton Fish
	6.8) Rufus the Fiddler Crab
	6.9) Meryl the Mermaid
	6.10) Wadsworth the Whale
	6.11) Seymour the Sea Turtle
	6.12) Shrapnel the MechaFish
	6.13) Gumbo the Angler
	6.14) Blip the Dolphin
	6.15) Rhubarb the Hermit Crab
	6.16) Nimbus the Manta Ray
	6.17) Amp the Electric Eel
	6.18) Gash the Shark
	6.19) Angie the Angelfish
	6.20) Presto the Tadpole
	6.21) Brinkley the Scuba Diving Elephant (Bonus 1)
	6.22) Nostradamus the Nosefish (Bonus 2)
	6.23) Stanley the Small Sea Serpent (Bonus 3)
	6.24) Walter the Penguin (Bonus 4)
7) Pet Combos
8) Adventure Walkthrough
9) Time Trial Walkthrough
10) Challenge Mode Walkthrough
11) Virtual Tank Walkthrough
12) Miscellaneous Q & A
13) Tips & Cheats
	13.1) Keywords
	13.2) Secrets
14) Sandbox Mode
15) Bug Notices

A) Acknowledgements
B) Further Reading
C) Version History
D) Copyright Information
E) The Final Word

1) Introduction
Welcome to the world of Insaniquarium, the crazy, fast-pace game where you try
to raise your fish against the alien invaders who consider your tank as their
"All-you-can-eat Buffet".

The controls are pretty simple, as it's mostly a point-n-click deal.  You click
on the tank to feed your fish.  Click on money & treasures to cash them in &
increase your wallet.  You click on the aliens in order to destroy them &
protect your tank.  Repeat the process until you have enough money to buy the
3 egg shell pieces in order to complete the tank.

It may sound simple & the first few tanks may be easy, but as you progress
through the game, you'll find our how hectic it can be.

2) Controls
The controls of the game are very simple...

* Left Click -- Select items (in menus & game bar)
		   -- Feed Fish (Costs $5 / unit)
		   -- Collect Money / Treasure
		   -- Attack Aliens

* Right Click -- Taps Glass...  which practically does nothing.

* Spacebar -- Pauses game

NOTE: If at any time the game loses focus while playing, the game will pause
automatically.  This will prevent any accidental disasters that could occur from
an accidental click.

3) Game Modes
In Insaniquarium Deluxe, there's 4 ways to play the game...  2 of the modes
are locked at the start, but you can unlock them after completing the first
tank.  The walkthroughs are listed further down this FAQ, so only the a basic
description of the modes are listed here.

* Adventure Mode / Bonus Adventure Mode
* Timed Mode
* Challenge Mode
* Virtual Tank

3.1) Adventure Mode / Bonus Adventure Mode
This is the core of the game itself.  The object is the make your Tank
thrive in order to make enough money to purchase the 3 shell pieces for each
level.  There are 5 levels per tank, each of them more challenging than the last
level you completed.  You'll get to play a bonus game after complete each tank
to pick up shells to use in the virtual tank.

You'll unlock the other game modes as you complete the adventure.  When you
complete the adventure, it'll change to "Bonus" Adventure Mode.  Bonus Adventure
Mode is exactly the same game, but you have all the pets available to choose
from AND you'll get a bonus game after each level.

While the exact strategy for this mode will be explained in greater detail later
in the guide, the rough information for each tank is...

* Tank 1 -- Start with 2 Guppies
			Buy a Carnivore to continue

* Tank 2 -- Start with 2 Guppies
			Successfully use a Star Potion on a large Guppy...
			Buy a Star Catcher to continue

* Tank 3 -- Start with 2 Guppies
			Buy a Guppy Cruncher...
			Buy a Beetle Muncher to continue

* Tank 4 -- Start with 1 Breeder
			Buy a Carnivore...
			Buy an Ultravore to continue

* Tank 5 -- BOSS BATTLE!!!

3.2) Timed Mode

As soon as you complete Tank 1, you can start playing this mode.  As you
complete the other tanks, you'll be able to play them as well.

This mode is quick & simple...  Squeeze out as much money from your Tank
tank within the time limit provided & is a great option for those who only have
a limited amount of time on their hands.

Tank 1 is the easiest, but you only get 5 minutes while the other Tanks are a
bit more challenging & you have 10 minutes to crank out the dough.

While you are permitted to bring in 3 pets of your own, you can choose to buy
additional pets if you wish with an exponential increase in price with every

When your time in the tank is up, you're awarded shells in the amounting to 5%
of your final score (So a score of $1000 would net you 50 Shells).  The better
you play, the more shells you can earn!

3.3) Challenge Mode

This mode is obviously NOT for the feint of hard as it's the pinnacle of
hardcore challenges I've seen.  If you thought Adventure mode was nothing, go
ahead & give this mode a try...  but don't yell at me for not warning you about
the difficulty!  Because of the difficulty, you must complete Tank 1 before you
can even attempt Tank 2 & so on.

There are pretty much 2 major changes to the game that makes it extremely hard:

1) All item prices increase at a rate of 1% every 5 seconds (or 12% per minute).
2) Alien attacks gets fiercer every 6 minutes.

If you can manage to get past these mammoth obstacles & buy an egg piece, all
the item prices return to their original amounts.  If you can do this quickly,
you may have a decent chance of clearing the tank.

If you happen to clear a tank, you'll be awarded with a specific number of
shells based on the tank you're playing.

Tank 1:  2,000 Shells
Tank 2:  5,000 Shells
Tank 3: 10,000 Shells
Tank 4: 20,000 Shells

3.4) Virtual Tank
This mode is available at the start & serves more for relaxation than anything
as the standard game rules don't completely apply here.  This is where all the
Shells you earn from the other game modes can be spent on fish for your tank &

All fish food (including Feeder Fish) are provided for free & all the
carnivorous fish & aliens are trained NOT to eat your store-bought fish.  While
you only need to feed your fish 3 times per day (EVERY DAY), they'll start
producing shells while they're happy to help supplement your wallet.

You can even set the game to run your Virtual Tank as your screen saver so
you can enjoy your fish without playing the game.

4) Your Fish
Since you going to spend a lot of time these fish, I thought you might want to
know about them...  How much they cost, what they eat & how much money they'll
make for you.

While I won't go into detail for every possible variation of the fish in the
game (as it would be ridiculously long), I will give you the information for the
game modes & the virtual tank.

Just so you're aware.  "(Game)" refers to the game modes & "(Tank)" refers to
the virtual tank.

4.1) Guppies
Costs: $100 (Game) / 25 - 50,000 Shells (Tank)
Eats : All Fish Food (Game / Tank), ect. (Tank)
Drops: Small -- Nothing (Game / Tank)
	* Medium -- Silver Coin ($15, Game) / Silver Shell (1 Shell, Tank)
	* Large -- Gold Coin ($35, Game) / Gold Shell (2 Shells, Tank)
	* King -- Diamond ($200, Game) / Blue Shell (5 Shells, Tank)
	* Star -- Stars ($40, Game)
		* Note: Requires usage of Star Potion on Large Guppies

Special Notes: Unavailable for purchase in Tank 4

Guppies are the most basic fish you'll deal with in the game.  These guys will
be the most frequent fish you'll have in your tanks & eventually run into
overpopulation problems in Tank 4.  They require the most care, but they're your
baseline flow of cash, so you need to take good care of them.

You'll start with 2 guppies in each level up to Tank 3-5, but you can get more
as you progress in each level.  It doesn't take too long to get your starter
guppies to medium size & about a minute to reach large with proper feeding.
However, you really have to work hard at keeping your guppies alive if you want
a King Guppy as it takes them roughly 10 minutes (from birth / purchase, with
proper care) to reach this level & by this time, they would have to survive a
couple of alien attacks in the process.

Star Guppies are just large guppies that have been fed with the special star
potion.  This is require ONLY for Tank 2 in order to progress through the levels
as they'll feed the Star Catchers, if you can avoid clicking on too many stars.

In the virtual tank, you can buy the basic guppy for 25 Shells.  However,
the rarest guppies will run you a princely sum of 50,000 Shells.  The basics
only require standard fish food, but the rare guppies will usually require a
special type of food that will require you to feed them manually... or at least
until you can find somebody to provide for their needs.

The only way to get "King Guppies" in the virtual tank is through the birth
from a breeder...  so don't get your hopes up that the little guppy you bought
for 25 Shells will eventually turn into a king guppy.

Zorf will be able to handle the food needs for the guppies that don't require
any special food.

4.2) Carnivores
Costs: $1,000 (Game) / 100 - 50,000 Shells (Tank)
Eats : Small Guppies (Game / Tank), ect. (Tank)
Drops: Diamonds ($200, Game) / Blue Shells (5 Shells)

Special Note: Available for purchase ONLY in Tanks 1 & 4

Carnivores are the next step in the big food chain.  They're important in Tank 1
in order to unlock the shell fragments in the shop bar.  They return in Tank 4,
but now are on the other side of the chain.

Carnivores will eat your guppies, but they only go after the small ones (that
you can buy or breed) since the medium & large guppies are too large for their
mouths to snack on them like popcorn.  Since the carnivores drop diamonds, they
can make up for snacking on the guppies by give you a 2:1 return on their food

In the virtual tank, you can buy a basic carnivore for 100 Shells, but you
can choose to purchase a rare one for 50,000...  if you want.  The basics will
eat guppies, but they're trained NOT to snack on your store-bought ones, no
matter how much you choose to neglect them.  The guppies they eat are classified
as "Specialty Feed", so you'll most likely need to feed them manually until you
can get somebody else to feed them for you.

Prego will be able to handle the food needs for the carnivores that don't
require any special food...  although she can't pop out babies on command.

4.3) Star Catchers
Costs: $750 (Game) / 2,500 - 50,000 Shells (Tank)
Eats : Stars
		* Dropped from Star Guppies (Game)
		* Manually fed (Tank)
Drops: Diamonds ($200, Game) / Blue Shells (5 Shells, Tank)

Special Note: Available for purchase ONLY in Tank 2

Star Catchers are a special bottom dwelling fish that catch stars, as their name
states.  Once you have a couple of star guppies, after feeding your large 
guppies a couple of Star Potions (which cost $250 a piece).  Just be careful NOT
to collect too many stars or your star catchers will starve to death.

In the virtual tank, you'll have to manually feed your Star Catchers as they all
require specialty feed.

4.4) Guppy Crunchers
Costs: $750 (Game) / 2,500 - 5,000 Shells (Tank)
Eats : Small Guppies
Drops: Beetles ($150, Game) / Beetles (7 Shells, Tank)

Special Note: Available for purchase ONLY in Tank 3.

Guppy Crunchers are another carnivorous fish that'll dwell on the bottom of your
tank again.  Unlike the Star Catchers, guppy crunchers will jump in an attempt
to catch small guppies to feed upon.  Just make sure you keep your tank stocked
with small guppies or these guys will starve.

The gold beetles that they "drop" (in reality, they float from the bottom of the
tank) are worth enough to cover the cost of their food, but you'll learn not to
take too many beetles or your wallet will eventually suffer.

In the virtual tank, they won't eat your store-bought guppies but you'll have to
manually feed them unless you have Prego to handle their needs...  but just
remember that Prego isn't an "on demand" feeder.

4.5) Beetle Munchers
Costs: $2,000 (Game) / 2,500 - 50,000 Shells (Tank)
Eats : Beetles, dropped by Guppy Crunchers (Game / Tank)
		* This EXCLUDES Cookie (Tank)
Drops: Pearls ($500, Game) / Spiral Shell (10 Shells, Tank)

Special Note: Available for purchase ONLY in Tank 3

Beetle Munchers are a strange, ghost-like fish that each the beetles that the
the guppy crunchers drop.  I know it may be a bit difficult to comprehend why to
deal with a specialized food chain, but you'll get use to if (if you want to 
proceed through the game).  You'll need a few guppy crunchers in your tank to
help feed them.  Since their pearls give you triple the value of the the beetles
the eat on, you'll want to avoid collecting their food so you don't starve them
to death.

In the virtual tank, you'll either have to feed them manually OR buy a guppy
cruncher to feed them for you.

4.6) Breeders
Costs: $200 (Game) / 2,500 - 25,000 Shells (Tank)
Eats : Fish Food (Game / Tank)
Drops: Small Guppies (Game) / ONE "Jr." Small Guppy (worth 2,500 Shells, Tank)

Special Note: Available for purchase ONLY in Tank 4 & will replace guppies.

Breeders, as their name suggests, are nothing more than living baby factories
that will periodically give birth to a small guppy.  Unlike Prego, breeders will
require food & protection in exchange for the guppies they add to your tank.
It's due to the breeders that you'll eventually run into overpopulation problems
in Tank 4...  assuming you have a decent number of them in your tank.

In the virtual tank, breeders have only a limited appeal as they only give
you ONE & ONLY ONE "Junior" guppy...  but that junior guppy will eventually grow
into a king guppy & have a higher resale value than their counterparts.

Since they only eat Fish Food, Zorf should be able to handle their food needs.

4.7) Ultravores
Costs: $10,000 (Game) / 10,000 - 25,000 Shells (Tank)
Eats : Carnivores
Drops: Treasure Chests ($2,000, Game) / Bag of Shells (20 Shells, Tank)

Special Note: Available for purchase ONLY in Tank 4.

Ultravores are the biggest, baddest & probably the ugliest fish that you'll run
across in the game.  Ultravores are the highest in the food chain & thus their
diet consists entirely of carnivores.  The guppies are too small to be even
considered a light snack!

Ultravores drop the most valuable cash item in the game, which does cover the
cost of their food & them some.  Therefore, you'll likely get a couple to help
you reach your goals relatively faster.

In the virtual tank, they won't eat your store bought carnivores, so you'll
most likely have to feed them by hand...  or until you can find somebody to feed
them for you.

4.8) Ball Fish
Costs: 25,000 Shells (Tank)
Eats : Specialty Food, based on ball... (Tank)
		* Whiffle Ball -- Ice Cream
		* Soccer Ball  -- Fried Chicken
		* Beach Ball   -- Pizza
Drops: Whiffle Ball -- Silver Shell (1 Shell, Tank)
	* Soccer Ball -- Gold Shell (2 Shells, Tank)
	* Beach Ball -- Blue Shell (5 Shells, Tank)

Special Note: Ball Fish ONLY AVAILABLE for the virtual tank

The ball fish is a very special type of fish that you'll only see in the virtual
tank.  As the name states, it's a fish that looks like a ball.  Unlike the
regular fish, the ball fish just can't seem to touch the bottom of the tank.
Therefore, if their special fish food reach the bottom before they can eat it,
you'll have to drop another piece in a few seconds.

4.9) Cookie
Costs: 50,000 Shells (Tank)
Eats : "High Quality" Fish Food (Tank)
Drops: Specialty Foods for all Fish in Tank (Tank)

Special Note: Cookie is ONLY AVAILABLE for the virtual tank

Cookie is a rare, but highly helpful fish that you'll want to have in your
virtual tank.  Cookie is a rare philanthropic fish that'll help feed your rare
fish with the specialty food that they need.  All he requires is that you feed
him with the high quality fish food.

Please be aware that you'll need to buy some other items for your virtual tank
before Cookie will become available in the shop.

5) Aliens
You can't really have a thrilling action game without some type of antagonist!
These aliens like to treat your tank as a buffet & will occasionally pop into
your tank with little notice (about 5-10 seconds advance notice).  You will need
to eliminate them as soon as possible in order to reduce (or negate) the damage
they could do to your tank & your fish.  With each fish they take out, it'll
take you more time to reach your goal (as you'll have to replace the fish they
eat or kill).  Fortunately, each alien you kill will give you some restitution.

In adventure mode, each alien will drop a diamond worth $200.

In virtual tank mode, the aliens will only go after the non-store bought fish &
will drop a spiral shell worth 10 shells.

You will eventually find some special "trained" aliens that can live in your
virtual tank as well.  There'll be some, albeit limited, information about them
when available.

With all that said...  let's meet your alien nemesis.

5.1) Sylvester
Alien Type: NONE (Normal)
Costs: UNAVAILABLE -- Grown from Mini-Sylvester
Eats : Ultravores
Drops: Shack of Shells (20 Shells)

If you seen the Aline series, you probably have a good grasp of their look since
they bore the typical alien look.  While you'll have to keep him from snacking
on your fish, simple laser blasting should take care of him.

Sylvester's Story
Sylvester used to run a popular sushi bar in downtown San Francisco, but when he
discovered a mysterious wormhole that led directly to the Insaniquarium,
Sylvester sold the restaurant to pursue his lifelong dream: EATING ALL YOUR

5.2) Balrog
Alien Type: Fierce / None (Normal)

Balrog has a similar look to Sylvester, but he's orangish & have a lion-like
head.  This is to make him look fiercer, but he isn't that hard...  just simple
laser blasting is all that's needed to kill him.

Balrog's Story
Many people want to know: How does Balrog manage to keep his hair so thick and
luxurious?  Balrog answers: First of all, to keep the shine in my hair, I try to
avoid using heated styling tools. I also like to use a wide-tooth comb while in
the shower so that I can distribute my conditioner EVENLY.  Finally, when
sleeping, I put my hair in a scrunchy to prevent breakage.

5.3) Gus
Alien Type: G (for Glutton)

Gus is a fat, naked, hungry alien with a practically insatiable appetite for
food.  If permitted, he would clean out your tank & still ask for more...  like
a virtual nightmare to anybody running an all-you-can-eat buffet.  The only way
to kill Gus is directly through his stomach.  Just feed him as much fish food as
you can throw at him (which doesn't cost you a thing while he's in your tank)
until he explodes from overeating.

Gus's Story
Many people wonder: What is Gus laughing about?  Just what is so funny about
killing innocent fishies?  He's actually not laughing about fish. It turns out
that Gus heard the following joke in 1984 and is still laughing about it: What
did the daddy buffalo say to his kid before leaving the house? Bison!

5.4) Destructor
Alien Type: D (for Destroyer)

Destructor is a Mecha-Alien that's programmed to do one thing: DESTROY ALL FISH
WITHIN YOUR TANK!  While Destructor is stuck on the bottom of the tank & he's
not programmed to EAT fish, he can fire 3 fish-seeking missiles.  As long as you
can quickly take out the missiles he fires, you should be OK while you kill him.

Destructor's Story
Destructor was created many years ago by a brilliant scientist to be a toy for
his favorite nephew.  The nephew, unfortunately, was a sadistic little boy who
liked to torture his pet fish.  This is where Destructor learned his destructive
behavior.  The scientist now readily admits, "Maybe it was a bad idea giving
Destructor those missiles."

5.5) PsychoSquid
Alien Type: P (for Psycho)

PsychoSquid is truly a psychopath for two reasons...

First, he's totally bipolar.  You can only hurt him when he's in attack mode
(when he's red) & going after you fish.

Second, he gets healed from your laser blasts when you attack him when he's in
rest mode (when he's blue) & currently not a threat to your fish.

Speed, timing & containment are the keys to taking out PsychoSquid.  You want to
try to keep him away from your fish at all times, especially when he's resting
as that's when he's the most dangerous as he could quickly munch on a few fish
when he switches back to attack mode.  ON the other hand, if there's multiple
aliens in the tank, you might want to focus on the other alien while PsychoSquid
is resting.

PsychoSquid's Story
PsychoSquid's nickname was given to him by his ex-girlfriend.  He could not
comprehend when their relationship was over.  He kept calling her as if nothing
had happened.  He would wait outside her door and ask what she had been up to.
This is when she started calling him PsychoSquid to her friends.

5.6) Ulysses
Alien Type: U (for Ugly)

Ulysses is a variation from Greek mythology creature.  Ulysses is a rock (or 
a mud) cyclops that acts similarly to Destroy, but with one major difference.
Ulysses fires 3 magical fish-seeking fireballs.  HOWEVER, they get deflected
when you hit them, so they can still kill some fish while they get hurdled
towards the sides of the tank.

As long as you can control the deflection of the fireballs, you should do okay
again Ulysses.

Ulysses's Story
One big "How Come" with Ulysses is: How come Ulysses doesn't just fire already
deflected missiles?  Wouldn't this kill more fish and get the job done faster?
The reason he can't do this is complicated, but it essentially boils down to a
strict code of honor and fairness among cyclopes that precludes such
unsportsmanlike behavior... and also, he's dumb.

5.7) Bilaterus
Alien Type: II (ASCII for the Gemini symbol)
Costs: 10,000 Shells (Tank, One Head)
Eats : Small Guppies (Tank)
Drops: Spiral Shells (10 Shells)

It's a two-for-one sale with this twin of an alien (hence the Gemini symbol)!
Bilaterus is a double-headed bone shake that can quickly decimate your tank if
not quickly taken care of.  Once you eliminate one head, the other head takes
over & the spine between them can take out any fish between them.

Speed is the only key to taking out Bilaterus as you have to quickly switch to
the other head once you defeat the first on.

In the virtual tank, in order to make Bilaterus harmless against your other fish
in the tank, you can only get one head.  Other than that, Bilaterus will act
similarly to a carnivore... but drops better shells.

Bilaterus's Story
Hardcore Bilaterus fans often argue over which head is superior.  Judy K. from
Minnesota writes in: "Obviously the pointy head is the brains of the operation.
The round head is just an over-rated Christmas ornament."  Bob J. from Alabama
counters: "No way.  Roundy is the MAN!  Pointy is just along for the ride."
Whoa, easy there, you two. This is one controversy that won't be settled today!

5.8) Cyrax
Alien Type: None (Boss)

Cyrax is the alien mastermind (& monster jerk) who's been trying to turn your
aquarium tanks into an all-you-can-eat buffet by sending those aliens to your
tanks.  Like many masterminds, he doesn't doesn't want to get his hands dirty by
attacking you directly.  He just lets his own minions do his dirty work.

All you can do is quickly blast him with your laser as fast as possible & pick
off his minions as they appear.

Since Cyrax is the final boss (in Tank 5), you must defend your pets INSTEAD of
your fish.

Cyrax's Story
After losing the legendary Battle of Tank 5, Cyrax moved on and eventually
became host of his own late night variety show.  Some people call it a cerebral
highbrow interview program, while critics have deemed it a "lowest common
denominator sleaze-fest".  There is certainly no end of controversy to his show,
and Cyrax wouldn't have it any other way.

5.9) Mini-Sylvester
Alien Type: None (Mini)
Costs: 15,000 Shells (Tank)
Eats : Carnivores (Tank)
Drops: Spiral Shells (10 Shells)

Mini-Sylvester are the "Mini Me" of Sylvester.  Because of their size, they're
pretty weak against your laser (taking about 2 laster blasts to kill them), but
their issue is that they tend to show up in numbers & can gang up against you.
You'll only see Mini-Sylvester in Tank 5 in Adventure mode because they're
Cyrax's Minions.

In the virtual tank, Mini-Sylvester acts similarly to Ultravores, but they don't
pay out quiet as well.

Mini-Sylvester's Story
Mini-Sylvester was created by Cyrax to be a sort of a "Yes Man" or "Toady".
Originally he sought to make a Mini-Cyrax, but this plan was disastrous as the
Mini-Cyraxes conspired to do away with their creator.  Cyrax found the
Mini-Sylvesters to be much more malleable to his will... or at least that's what
they have led him to believe...

6) Your Pets
As you play through adventure mode, you'll earn various pets to help you out in
the tanks in different ways.  You'll obtain 24 different pets through the game
(earning 20, buying the other 4).  You'll originally be restricted to 3 pets for
both game modes & virtual tank.  However, you can later increase this to 4 pets
in the game modes & 7 pets in the virtual tank.

There are pros & cons with each pet, but how to select your team of pets depends
on your play style & your willingness to experiment with different combinations.

Please be aware that my usage suggestions are just that, MY SUGGESTIONS!  Don't
feel like you have to follow my suggestions in order to complete the game as it
may not work with your play style & you may find a different combination that
could help you more than what I've done.

With that said...  Let's see the pets, in order of how you'll obtain them.

6.1) Stinky the Snail
Stinky the Snail is your first & would likely become a favorite for a while.
Stinky helps you out by collect any money that falls to the bottom the tank that
you may have overlooked for some reason.  He can help you multitask by having
you feed your fish while he rakes in the money.

However, Stinky isn't the bravest as he'll hide inside his shell whenever an
alien appears.

Despite this, Stinky is a good pet to take with you, specially in the Virtual
Tank for automation purposes.

Pros: Collects money for you that drops to the bottom.

Cons: Goes only towards the closest coin / shell to him.
    * Hides in his shell when aliens are present.

Usage Suggestions
Adventure Mode: Good to have
Timed Mode    : Good to have
Challenge Mode: Good to have
Virtual Tank  : Must have for Automation

Stinky's Story
Stinky knew from an early age that he was different from the other snails.
He had the fever, the money fever.  He was all about collecting money.  But what
does Stinky need with all that money?  Stinky answers, "It impresses the

6.2) Niko the Oyster
Niko the Oyster is a passive pet, but he helps ensure that you have a source of
money available by making pearls for you to collect periodically.  HOWEVER,
since Niko is cranking out the pearls relatively fast, his pearls aren't as high
quality of other pearls & therefore are only worth about half their original

Niko is consider a relatively weak pet because all he does is make pearls for
you to pick up.  Otherwise, he's practically worthless.

Pros: Relatively steady source of money

Cons: Niko's Pearl is worth only 50% of other pearls
    * Niko only stays open for a limited time.
		* Failure to collect his pearl results in forfeiting said pearl.

Usage Suggestions
Adventure Mode: Filler
Timed Mode    : Filler
Challenge Mode: Filler, Practically Useless
Virtual Tank  : Practically Useless for Automation

Niko's Story
One question that always comes up when talking about Niko is: Why doesn't Niko
open his mouth more often?  There is a reason for this.  It is because Niko
thinks that opening his mouth may allow demons to steal his soul.  Therefore, he
keeps mouth opening to a minimum.

6.3) Itchy the Swordfish
Itchy the Swordfish is one of your defensive pets.  Itchy's eager to defend your
fish against the aliens & will gladly take on any alien that invades.  Although
his attacks are pretty weak, you probably appreciate some assistance he can
provide for you.

In the virtual tank, he's only worth having if you have the alien attractor
active in your tank.  Otherwise, he's just wasting space in your tank.

Pros: Attacks Aliens

Cons: Weak Attacks

Usage Suggestions
Adventure Mode: Filler
Timed Mode    : Weak Choice
Challenge Mode: Weak Choice
Virtual Tank  : Useless for Automation without Alien Attractor

Itchy's Story
Itchy wasn't always the grizzled, alien-attacking warrior that he is today.
In fact, he used to be a watercoloring, vegan pacifist...  Until one day an
alien invaded Itchy's tank.  Itchy tried to reason with the alien, but it
wouldn't listen.  The alien ate Itchy's friends and this is when Itchy swore a
blood oath to kill all aliens!

6.4) Prego the Momma Fish
Prego the Momma Fish can be a godsend to your wallet & your time.  Prego will
help ensure that you tank remains filled least with a guppy that she 
periodically gives birth to (saving you $100 per birth).  Unlike the breeders,
Prego doesn't require any fish food nor protection, making her a good choice to
take into the tank.

In the virtual tank, Prego can help feed your carnivores by giving birth to
their preferred type of food.

Pros: Spawn Baby Guppies
    * Doesn't need food OR protection

Cons: Overpopulation potential

Usage Suggestions
Adventure Mode: Good to have (except Tank 4)
Timed Mode    : Good to have
Challenge Mode: Should have
Virtual Tank  : Must have for Automation w/ Carnivores

Prego's Story
Everyone knows PREGO as the loving mother to a thousand guppies, but the
question on everybody's mind is: Where did she get that exquisite scarf?
PREGO answers, "Oh, this thing? Son 183,241 gave it to me... no wait... it was
Son 183,240. I always get those two mixed up."

6.5) Zorf the Seahorse
Zorf the Seahorse is another godsend of a pet.  Zorf's philanthropic quest is to
ensure that no guppy goes hungry.  Whenever a guppy looks sick from hunger, he's
there to toss out some fish food for them.

In the virtual tank, he becomes a must have for automation purposes as he'll
feed your guppies as needed.

Pros: Feed your fish for free (limit 3 at one time)
    * His food doesn't count towards your drop limit

Cons: He only gives out food when a guppy is sick from hunger
    * Fish must come to him for food
    * Your fish food can become better than his in the game
    * His services can be overwhelmed due to overpopulation

Usage Suggestions
Adventure Mode: Good to have
Timed Mode    : Good to have
Challenge Mode: Good to have
Virtual Tank  : Must have for Automation w/ Guppies

Zorf's Story
Some people wonder, Why doesn't Zorf ever upgrade to level 3 food?  The reason
is that Zorf thinks that most foods are too rich in fat and artificial
preservatives.  The level 2 food, on the other hand, is raised one hundred
percent organically and has no artificial flavors or additives.

6.6) Clyde the Jellyfish
Clyde the Jellyfish could be consider a reasonable replacement compared to
Stinky.  Clyde drifts throughout your tank & picks up the falling coins & shells
along the way.

He could be consider a replacement as he moves throughout the tank, instead of
just the bottom & he's not afraid of the aliens.  HOWEVER, he may not be able to
collect as many coins / shells since he could be anywhere in the tank instead of
the bottom.

Pros: Picks up coins / shells
    * Not afraid of aliens

Cons: Goes to the closest coin / shell

Usage Suggestions
Adventure Mode: Considerable Choice
Timed Mode    : Considerable Choice
Challenge Mode: Considerable Choice
Virtual Tank  : Reasonable Choice for Automation

Clyde's Story
Clyde, much like Stinky, likes collecting money.  Unlike Stinky, though, Clyde
doesn't collect money for just any lady.  He is actually saving up to finally
get his mother the operation that she needs.  So just remember that every dollar
left over at the end of a level might just go to Clyde's mother's operation

6.7) Vert the Skeleton Fish
Vert the Skeleton Fish is a pet from beyond the grave.  This undead pet acts
just like a large guppy, but without the hassles of feeding & protecting him.

Like other passive pets, you may not have a need to ensure yourself a steady
source of income in the tank.  You might like him in your virtual tank for the
free shells, but Vert's otherwise useless at this point in the game as other
pets would likely serve you better.

Pros: Drops coins / shells
    * Doesn't require food OR protection

Cons: Isn't affected by Meryl's singing

Usage Suggestions
Adventure Mode: Filler
Timed Mode    : Filler
Challenge Mode: Poor Choice
Virtual Tank  : OK for Automation (with Stinky or Clyde)

Vert's Story
Some people are afraid to use Vert because they think that he is an undead
product of dark occult forces and therefore may turn against them at any time.
This is simply not true.  Obviously, a bad skeleton would not give you gold
coins.  He would drop rat poison.

6.8) Rufus the Fiddler Crab
Rufus the Fiddler Crab is willing to lend you a claw (or two) towards defending
your tank from the aliens.  However, he's a bottom dweller, so you'll need to
confine the aliens to the bottom of the tank to get any assistance from him.
It's because of this limitation that really hampers his usefulness UNLESS the
tank will have Destructor OR Ulysses, where he can really shine.

Due to Rufus's defensive nature, he's pretty useless in the virtual tank unless
you have the Alien Attractor in there as well.

Pros: Attacks Aliens

Cons: Cannot attack aliens away from the bottom of the tank

Usage Suggestions
Adventure Mode: Poor Choice
Timed Mode    : Poor Choice
Challenge Mode: Poor Choice
Virtual Tank  : Useless without Alien Attractor

Rufus's Story
Rufus started his career as a dance instructor, teaching people how to do his
patented pop and lock arm routine.  When his dance studio burned down in a freak
accident, Rufus became a mercenary for hire, using his dance skills to amplify
his already potent natural fighting ability.

6.9) Meryl the Mermaid
Meryl the Mermaid is another passive pet with a heart of gold.  Her singing has
a very calming effect on your fish, causing them to drop a lot more coins &
shells than usual.  While it cause a minor case of repetitive stress disorder
(or carpal tunnel) in a fish-heavy tank, she can really help you fill up your
wallet in order to complete the tank.

In the virtual tank, Meryl's fairly handy if you want to pick up a lot of shells
to pad your wallet (for a large purchase or something).  Otherwise, her talents
are likely to be lost during automation.

Pros: Fish drop three coins per song (over one normally)

Cons: Potential Coin Overloads (causing problems picking up everything)

Usage Suggestions
Adventure Mode: OK to have
Timed Mode    : Good to have
Challenge Mode: Good to have
Virtual Tank  : Considerable Choice

Meryl's Story
Meryl delights in thrilling audiences around the world with her virtuoso singing
talent.  She has never been able to measure up in the eyes of the carnivores or
ultravores, though.  These fish view her simply as another unoriginal
corporate-sponsored pop star.  To her critics, Meryl would like to point out
that she has never sold out by making a music video.

6.10) Wadsworth the Whale
Wadsworth the Whale is another defensive pet that has a different way of keeping
your tank safe from the alien invaders.  When an alien attacks your tank,
Wadsworth will carefully suck up all your small & medium guppies inside his
mouth to keep them safe.  Once the aliens are defeated, he returns them to the

While is intentions are good, his usefulness may be limited once you get him.

In the virtual tank, he's practically useless as the only fish that he could
protect would be the feeder fish from the aliens while the Alien Attractor is
active.  Since feeder fish don't cost you a thing, they're really not worth

Pros: Protects small & medium guppies during alien attacks
    * Ensures that your tank cannot be exterminated by aliens

Cons: Doesn't protect large fish or breeders

Usage Suggestions
Adventure Mode: OK to have (excluding Tank 4)
Timed Mode    : Considerable Choice (excluding Tank 4)
Challenge Mode: Good to have (excluding Tank 4)
Virtual Tank  : Useless

Wadsworth's Story
Wadsworth has made quite a comeback since his accident several years back.
Hopelessly addicted to plankton and abandoned by all his friends, Wadsworth lost
all muscle control one day and accidentally ate all of the fish in his mouth.
Since finishing rehab four years ago, Wadsworth has re-entrenched himself in
Insaniquarium players' hearts.

6.11) Seymour the Sea Turtle
Seymour the Sea Turtle is a passive pet that uses his age & abilities to your
advantage by slowing down the coins & shells your fish drop, making them easier
to collect.

Seymour may be a considerable choice if you have trouble collecting the coins &
shells before they reach the bottom, but he's a pretty weak choice compared to
other pets you may have.  He's helpful in the virtual tank with Stinky or Clyde
by slowing down the shells, making it easier for them to collect them.

Pros: Slows down falling coins

Cons: Does not assist your fish

Usage Suggestions
Adventure Mode: Considerable Choice
Timed Mode    : Considerable Choice
Challenge Mode: Poor Choice
Virtual Tank  : Good to Have for Automation

Seymour's Story
After beating the hare a few years ago, Seymour retired and returned to his home
in the aquarium.  Sadly, nothing would ever top his winning that race.
Seymour does not live in the present as we know it.  Look into his eyes and you
can see that his mind is stuck in a hazy past... reliving his last glorious

6.12) Shrapnel the MechaFish
Shrapnel the MechaFish is one of those weird pets that is most likely
misunderstood.  Similar to Vert, Shrapnel doesn't require any food or protection
from aliens.  Occasionally, he'll drop a bomb that is worth some money.

HOWEVER, the bomb can be hazardous to your tank as it can kill any fish that
goes after it.  While I haven't found any good combinations with Shrapnel, those
who are more adventurous may find him a bit more useful than me.

Pros: Drops money-making bombs ($150 / 5 Shells)

Cons: Bombs can kill your fish

Usage Suggestions
Adventure Mode: Dangerous to Fish
Timed Mode    : Dangerous to Fish
Challenge Mode: Hazardous to Your Success
Virtual Tank  : Poor Choice

Shrapnel's Story
When talking about Shrapnel, the main question is usually: What are the market
forces of supply and demand that results in Shrapnel's bombs being worth $150?
Alan Fishspan, chairman of the Federal Shell Reserve answers: This is a response
to the current low rate on 30 year mortgages, combined with the strong
performance of the Euro against the dollar.

6.13) Gumbo the Angler
Gumbo the Angler is another defensive pet that helps to "light" the way towards
safety for your guppies when the aliens invade your tank.  Gumbo tries to keep
your guppies away from the aliens as possible, but he tends to get muddled when
you have multiple aliens.

Gumbo's only flaw here is that you're practically placing all your guppies in
one place & an unchecked alien could eat all your fish in one go.

Like Wadsworth, Gumbo's abilities are useless in the virtual tank as he can only
protect your feeder fish... which aren't really worth saving.

Pros: Attracts all guppies (including breeders) to him
    * Tries to stay as far away from the aliens as possible
Cons: Doesn't protect other fish
    * Can get confused with multiple aliens
    * Can backfire with unchecked aliens

Usage Suggestions
Adventure Mode: Good to Have
Timed Mode    : OK to Have
Challenge Mode: Good to Have
Virtual Tank  : Useless

Gumbo's Story
Many critics of Gumbo say that he is a wolf in sheep's clothing... that he
simply leads all of your guppies to one spot to make it easier for his alien
friends to kill them all.  Gumbo answers his critics by pointing out that the
aliens have shown him no mercy in Tank 5.  "I am not, nor have I ever been, a
member of the Alien party!" says Gumbo.

6.14) Blip the Dolphin
Blip the Dolphin really loves to prove that he's the second smartest creature on
earth (as the debate between Humans & Mice as the smartest creature goes on).
He uses his abilities to point out which fish are hungry as well as provide
intelligence on the incoming alien invaders by showing you their point of entry
as well as their health.

In the virtual tank, he's pretty useless as this information falls on deaf ears
as you're more dependant on pets to help automate your tank.

Pros: Points out Hungry Fish (BEFORE they become sick)
    * Points out Alien Entry points
    * Shows Alien's Health
    * Opens up all items in the Tank Bar

Cons: Pacifist (Doesn't fight)
    * Premature inflation for Challenge Mode

Usage Suggestions
Adventure Mode: OK to Have
Timed Mode    : Considerable Choice
Challenge Mode: Poor Choice
Virtual Tank  : Useless

Blip's Story
Blip wrestled for years with his psychic abilities.  He was shunned as a child
by the other fish who hated him for being able to tell when they were hungry.
Then one day, Blip got a bad feeling about a certain area of the tank.  
He didn't tell anyone, though, because everyone was mean to him.  After all the
other fish were killed, Blip felt guilty and vowed to only use his powers for

6.15) Rhubarb the Hermit Crab
Rhubarb the Hermit Crab likes to be the King of the Sands & wants to be left
alone at the bottom of the tank as much as possible.  Whenever a fish gets close
to the bottom of the tank, he tosses them up.  The upside to this is that it
allows you, Stinky & Clyde to collect the coins / shells that would otherwise be
lost because of the fish camping on the bottom.

While Rhubarb may be a considerable choice, there's usually other pets that
would likely help you out more than Rhubarb...  but those who are more willing
to experiment would likely find a useful combination with him.

Pros: Repels fish from the bottom

Cons: Pacifist (Doesn't Fight)
    * Forces Guppy Crunchers to jump for fish
    * Causes Guppies to be ejected from Wadsworth

Usage Suggestions
Adventure Mode: Poor Choice
Timed Mode    : OK to Have
Challenge Mode: Poor Choice
Virtual Tank  : Considerable Choice for Automation

Rhubarb's Story
Rhubarb has often been accused of being the "worst pet ever".  Rhubarb doesn't
really care what his detractors think, though.  He's not aiming to be a crowd
pleaser.  He's not trying to prove anything to anyone.  He just wishes those
darn fish would stay off the ground!

6.16) Nimbus the Manta Ray
Nimbus the Manta Ray is one interesting pet that could be useful with the right
combination.  Nimbus hates to waste anything & he tries his best to ensure that
nothing reaches the bottom & gets wasted by bouncing fish food, coins & shells
that get close to the bottom.

As stated, Nimbus can be useful if use properly, but he can become an annoyance
as well.  In the virtual tank, Nimbus can be useful in conjunction with Clyde,
but would be detrimental with Stinky.

Pros: Bounces coins & food
    * He hunts for items to bounce

Cons* Potentially hurts your food limits (by recycling food)
    * Tries to go for the closest & lowest item

Usage Suggestions
Adventure Mode: OK to have (w/ Clyde)
Timed Mode    : Considerable Choice
Challenge Mode: Poor Choice
Virtual Tank  : Considerable Choice for Automation, depending on others...

Nimbus's Story
Some people want to know: What's Nimbus' record for bouncing a coin up and down?
Nimbus answers: "One thousand, seven hundred and twenty-four times."
Way to go, Nimbus!

6.17) Amp the Electric Eel
Amp the Electric Eel takes the "Homer Simpson" approach to fish(ing)... if you
have ever seen The Simpson's Movie.  Amp likes to charge himself up & discharge
around guppies, frying them into nice diamonds for you.

Due to Amp's destructive nature, I can't really suggest placing him in your tank
because when he discharges, he could practically take out your entire tank in
the process.  However, if you're more adventurous than me...  you could give him
a try & possibly make him useful in some strange combo.

I will note that in order to prevent total tank erradication, one guppy always
seems to make it out alive.

Pros: Makes Diamonds
Cons: Kills Guppies

Usage Suggestions
Adventure Mode: Hazardous to your Tank
Timed Mode    : Dangerous to your Fish
Challenge Mode: Hazardous to your Tank
Virtual Tank  : Poor Choice

Amp's Story
Rumors have been circulating for years now that some companies have developed a
way to make Amp turn water into diamonds.  Conspiracy theorists believe that it
is simply the interests of the greedy diamond lobby that have prevented this
research from becoming available to the general public.  Amp is closed mouthed
on the subject.

6.18) Gash the Shark
Gash the Shark is the practical replacement of Itchy.  Gash loves to take a bite
out of aliens.  However, in order to keep in practice, he'll occasionally snack
on a guppy.  This may be a considerable trade off as his attacks are stronger.

In the virtual tank, he's practically useless if you don't have the alien
attractor in the tank as all he'll do is take a bite out of your feeder fish.

Pros: Fiercely Attacks Aliens

Cons: Eats Fish

Usage Suggestions
Adventure Mode: Considerable Choice
Timed Mode    : Poor Choice
Challenge Mode: Considerable Choice
Virtual Tank  : Useless without Alien Attractor

Gash's Story
Gash used to be one of Itchy the Swordfish's best friends until Itchy left him
for dead in a violent alien attack.  Now, years later, Gash roams the tank
trying to settle the score with the aliens and perhaps one day... with Itchy as

6.19) Angie the Angelfish
Angie the Angelfish is truly an angel of a pet.  She has the miraculous power
to revive any fish that dies in your tank.  While there are some limits to her
powers, as she can't bring back any fish that gets eaten or reaches the bottom
of the tank, but any fish that dies from neglect or any other destructive
nature can be revived.  In Tank 4, her services may be taxed due to
overpopulation...  but she does try her best.

In the virtual tank, her services aren't required as the only fish she could
revive would be the feeder fish...  which aren't worth reviving as you can
always get more of them.

Pros: Revives recently dead fish
    * Active hunts for dead fish

Cons: Cannot revive eaten fish or fish that reach the bottom of the tank
    * Can be overwhelmed due to overpopulation

Usage Suggestions
Adventure Mode: Good to have
Timed Mode    : OK to have
Challenge Mode: Good to have
Virtual Tank  : Useless

Angie's Story
To most fans, Angie can do no wrong. But to a few there will always be the
question: Why did she save this fish but not that one?  How does she make her
fateful decision?  Angie responds that she tries to save all fish but for some,
it was simply their time to go.  "After all, if the entire tank were saved then
the frame rate would go down."

6.20) Presto the Tadpole
Presto the Tadpole is the absolute last pet you receive in adventure mode for
good reason.  Presto can turn into ANY PET that you have collected on demand!
He can even duplicate a pet that you currently have in your tank.  Because of
his powers of being a flexible "wild card", he's easily a MUST HAVE pet for
every occasion you can think of!

Just right-click on Presto to open up the pet selection menu, then just select
the preferred pet.

Pros: He can turn into ANY PET you want
    * You can change his form at any time
    * Allows you to "Double up" on a pet

Cons: Takes time to recharge his magic between transformations
    * Cannot hold another's form when hit by Walter
    * Last Pet to obtain in Adventure Mode

Usage Suggestions
Adventure Mode: MUST HAVE
Timed Mode    : MUST HAVE
Challenge Mode: MUST HAVE
Virtual Tank  : MUST HAVE

Presto's Story
Presto is not actually a real pet. He was made up for the game.

6.21) Brinkley the Scuba Diving Elephant (Bonus 1)
Costs: 20,000 Shells

Brinkley the Scuba Diving Elephant is the first Bonus Pet that you'll buy.  He
can help you out by dropping Stars & other items to assist some of your rarer
fish.  However, he'll eat your fish food while he hangs out in your tank.

Brinkley's abilities are pretty limited, but somebody who's adventurous may find
a good use for him.

Pros: Drops Stars & Blue Shells

Cons: Eats Fish Food

Usage Suggestions
Adventure Mode: Poor Choice
Timed Mode    : Filler
Challenge Mode: Poor Choice
Virtual Tank  : OK for Automation

Brinkley's Story
Brinkley was a performing elephant for many years before escaping his cruel
circus masters.  Unfortunately, Brinkley could not escape his own voracious
appetite, an appetite for... food!

6.22) Nostradamus the Nosefish (Bonus 2)
Costs: 25,000 Shells

Nostradamus the Nosefish is actually the reincarnation of a dead US president.
Nostradamus is your first line of defense against the aliens as he can use his
"Sneeze of Power" to delay their invasion, giving you a bit more time to prepare
for them.  However, Nostradamus cannot delay the alien invasions indefinitely.

One strange thing with Nostradamus is that he has a runny nose & will drop a
booger occasionally.  You can pick these up for a little pocket money, but they
can be harmful to your tank as a hungry guppy could eat them & turn them into a
Mini-Nostradamus... or make them hungrier in the virtual tank.

In the virtual tank, Nostradamus is a practically useless without the alien
attractor & still a poor choice with alien attractor as there's really no reason
to delay the aliens in the virtual tank as there's really nothing to lose there.

Pros: Delays alien attacks
    * Drops boogers, which can be collected for money ($1 / 1 S)

Cons: Boogers can turn guppies into Nostradamus clones or make them hungrier
    * Does not permanently prevent attacks

Usage Suggestions
Adventure Mode: OK to Have
Timed Mode    : Harmful to Fish
Challenge Mode: Good to Have
Virtual Tank  : Poor Choice

Nostradamus's Story
Asked by skeptics whether he really is the nose of President Rutherford B.
Hayes, Nostradamus replies: "Yes and no. I was President Hayes' second nose.
His first nose was blown off in the Civil War."

6.23) Stanley the Small Sea Serpent (Bonus 3)
Costs: 30,000 Shells

Stanley the Small Sea Serpent is playful defensive pet.  Stanley likes to play
with balls, specially along side the head of invading aliens.  Whenever an alien
appears in your tank, he just whips out a ball (from where, is left to your
imagination) & sends it flying towards the alien.  Stanley's balls will even go
after alien projectiles as well.

For some strange reason, Stanley is afraid of badgers, aprons...  & especially
of apron-wearing badgers...  ...DON'T ASK...

In the game modes, he's a considerable choice if you need help against aliens.
In the virtual tank, he's pretty useless unless you have the alien attractor in

Pros: Attacks aliens w/ homing balls

Cons: Indirect attacker, going after missiles first BEFORE the alien

Usage Suggestions
Adventure Mode: Considerable Choice
Timed Mode    : Considerable Choice
Challenge Mode: Considerable Choice
Virtual Tank  : Useless without Alien Attractor

Stanley's Story
Stanley's seeming unlimited supply of balls are the scourge of alien missile
shooters everywhere.  Some players wonder why he bothers throwing balls directly
at the aliens, though.  Stanley answers: "I like balls."

6.24) Walter the Penguin (Bonus 4)
Costs: 35,000 Shells

Walter the Penguin is probably the most interesting & fun pet that you'll ever
purchase in the game.  Concealed inside Walter is a boxing glove.  When clicked,
he'll unleashed it & punch any fish within range, knocking extra coins or shells
from them.

Just so you're aware, all the Shells used to purchase Walter will be donated to
the Falafel Foundation...  like you would really care about that (considering
Falafels are a baked good).

In the game, if you like to squeeze out extra money from your fish...  be my
guest.  However, I wouldn't suggest using Walter in the virtual tank as his
powers have to be manually activated, making hims useless for automation.

Pros: Allows you to punch any fish to drop more money

Cons: Doesn't work with most pets
    * Forces Presto to revert to his original form

Usage Suggestions
Adventure Mode: Considerable Choice
Timed Mode    : Considerable Choice
Challenge Mode: Considerable Choice
Virtual Tank  : Useless for Automation

Walter's Story
WALTER masks his tremendous insecurities with sheer bravado and scrappiness.
On the outside, this happy-go-lucky penguin seems to have not a care in the
world.  On the inside, he has a great big boxing glove which he uses to punch

7) Pet Combos
As you collect pets through the game, you'll find that some combinations of pets
that just work well together.  Here's a few that you may find useful or at least
interesting to try out.

Combos listed here will be noted as "Basic", "Enhanced" & "Complete", depending
on the number of pets required to fill the combo.  Some combinations will
include side-bars, which are optional swaps to the combo to fit a particular

* Basic Combos will contain 3 or less pets, so they can be used in all modes.
* Enhanced Combos will contain around 4 pets, so you can use them in all modes.
	* Combos with 5 or more can only be used in the virtual tank.
* Complete Combos will contain 7 or more pets, but these are limited to the
	virtual tank ONLY.

7.1) Tank Automation Team
Basic Level:
	1) Stinky
	2) Zorf
	3) Prego
Enhanced Level:
	4) Seymour
	5) Rhubarb
	6) Clyde
Complete Level:
	7) Stanley
	8) Cookie*

1) Stinky <-> Clyde + Nimbus
2) Seymour <-> Nimbus
3) Seymour -> Stanley <-> Itchy <-> Gash
4) Stanley <-> Itchy <-> Gash

SPECIAL NOTE: "Cookie" is actually a fish in the Virtual tank & therefore does
	NOT COUNT as a pet & therefore can allow you to exceed the normal limit.

The Tank Automation Team is one of the most fundamental combos that you can make
in the game.  It allows you to cover all the needs of your tank & supplement
your duties.  At the basic level, everything except tank defense is covered.
However, at the Enhanced Level, you can pick up a defender (instead of Seymour,
see side-bar) to fill out everything.

Once you get Cookie, your virtual tank is fully automated that you can just let
it run as a screen saver without leaving any fish hungry.

I must note NOT to place Stinky & Nimbus together in the tank.  Nimbus will
constantly be preventing Stinky from picking up stuff for you because he'll
bounce it back to the top of the tank.  Just replace Stinky with Clyde if you
choose to use Nimbus as they work pretty well together.

7.2) Life & Death
Basic Level:
	1) Amp
	2) Angie
Enhanced Level:
	3) Walter

The Life & Death Combo isn't for the feint of heart.  With this combo, Amp will
eventually kill your fish (dropping diamonds in the process) & Angie tries to
revive as many of them as possible.

In the Enhanced level, Walter serves as a catalyst by punching Amp.

This combo is a quick way to crank out some extra cash with little guilt.

7.3) Protective Custody
Basic Level:
	1) Wadsworth
	2) Gumbo
Enhanced Level:
	3) Angie

The Protective Custody Combo is mostly geared for those who want to protect
their fish from total eradication with an insurance policy of your own!
Wadsworth protects your younger guppies while Gumbo tries his best to protect
your older & larger guppies (the ones that Wadsworth won't take).

In the Enhanced level, Angie will be there to revive any fish that were killed
(but NOT eaten) during an attack.

7.4) The Presto Shuffle
Basic Level:
	* Presto

Presto can be a combo all by itself, you just have to juggle the task you give
him to help you out.  Here's the rough list of pets you should do, in order for
the tank(s).

1) Vert / Shrapnel -- Get free money while your fish grow
2) Meryl -- Crank out more money from your fish
3) Itchy / Gash / Stanley -- For Defense, as needed

8) Adventure Walkthrough
This is the section of the game where you'll most likely spend most of your time
working on the first time around since it's the key to unlocking the pets & the
other game modes.

It may take more trial & error to get through the tanks, but this section will
give you some assistance in getting through with less failures...  although it
may not be the fastest way to get through the tanks.

Please be aware that this is for the FIRST WALKTHROUGH of Adventure Mode as you
most likely won't need assistance for BONUS Adventure Mode.

8.1) Tank 1
Once upon a time...  you got bored & decided to start playing this game, so we
being our adventure like so many others...  at the beginning.

Tank 1 is a bit newbie friendly as the game will go fairly easy on you.  You'll
mostly deal with guppies, although you'll deal with a few carnivores, & some of
the weaker aliens in the game.  It'll try to help you out by give pausing the
game with some pop-up notes about new things to come.

8.1.1) Tank 1-1
Suggested Pets: NONE -- You don't have any yet.

Here we go!  Tank 1-1 is the easiest tank in the game as the only person that
can make you fail this tank is yourself (& your destructive OR neglectful
nature).  You have 2 guppies & $200 to start amassing your fortune.  Just
periodically feed your fish (about every 5-10 seconds OR when they start looking
sick with hunger) & wait for one to grow.

Once one of your guppies grow to medium size, your money-making process starts
as they'll start dropping silver coins (worth $15 /ea).  On the shop bar, you'll
be able to purchase extra guppies for $100 / ea. for whatever reason you have
(either to replace any dead guppies or to increase your profit potential).  For
gameplay reasons, the game won't leave you alone until you buy at least one.

After one of your guppies grow to large size, they'll start dropping gold coins
(worth $35 / ea.) & the egg pieces will become available on the shop bar for the
low price of $150 / ea. ($450 total).  You'll finish the tank once you buy all
3 egg pieces.

Pet Obtained: Stinky the Snail

******************************** GAME LANDMARK! ********************************
*															    *
*                            ~~~ PETS UNLOCKED! ~~~                            *
*															    *
* You just earned your first pet!  While he may not seem very useful at the    *
* moment, he's free & is a token of the first step you made in through the     *
* game.  You'll now have pets in available for all game modes.                 *
*															    *

8.1.2) Tank 1-2
Suggested Pets: Stinky (Auto-selected)

Time to step out of the tiny fishbowl into a larger tank (figuratively, since
the tank can never exceed your screen).  A few new things to deal with, but it's
nothing that most people can't handle (like that commonly use double-negative).

You'll now have to deal with alien invaders that think your fish tank is an
all-you-can-eat buffet.  When the first alien is on it's way, you'll get a big
pop-up warning about it (which will temporarily pause the game), the warning
siren & a warning message in red text at the bottom of the screen.  Subsequent
alien invasions will only give you the warning siren & the warning message.

Once the aliens enter your tank, you whip out your laser blaster to take them
out.  Just click on the alien to attack them with your blaster.  Don't worry
about accidentally hitting your fish with your blaster, it won't affect them...
BUT you do need to keep the alien away from your fish as much as possible.  The
key to containing the alien is by shooting in the OPPOSITE DIRECTION you want
them to go as they'll try to avoid future laser blasts this way.  So if you want
the alien to go towards the right, you shoot them on their left side & so on.
It may take a couple of tries to get it down, but you'll get the hang of it.

Since you only have 2 guppies in your tank for your first alien invasion, it
should be too much of a problem to keep him away from your fish.  Once the alien
is destroyed, it'll drop a diamond (worth $200) for you to pick up as a reward
for your efforts.

Once you have a medium guppy, you'll be introduced to fish food upgrades.
Higher Quality Food ($200 per level, Lv 3 max) is more nourishing & filling, so
you'll get larger & happier guppies with less food.  Quantity Upgrades ($300 per
multiple, 9x max) will allow you to drop more fish food into the tank at one
time & will help you maintain a larger tank of fish.  Once you buy at least the
2x upgrade, you'll get the auto-feeder ability, which will allow you to
automatically drop fish food (up to your limit) just by hold down the left mouse
button.  Please be aware that upgrades only apply to the tank you purchased them
in.  You'll go back to 1 x Lv 1 Fish Food at the next tank.

Once you buy Lv 2 Fish Food, you'll open up the egg pieces in the shop bar.
This time, the egg pieces will cost you $500 / ea. ($1,500 total) to finish the

Pet Obtained: Niko the Oyster

8.1.3) Tank 1-3
Suggested Pets: Stinky, Niko (Auto-selected)

Taking another step out of the fishbowl, you'll now have a new variety of fish
& a new item in the shop bar.

Like previous tanks, you'll have to work your guppies up to size to start
openning up items in the shop bar...  Keypoints are:

1) Grow a Guppy to Medium Size -- Unlocks Food Upgrades
2) Grow a Guppy to Large Size -- Unlocks Carnivores
3) Buy a Carnivore -- Unlocks Blaster Upgrades & Egg Pieces.

Carnivores ($1,000 / ea.) are the new type of fish to have in your tank.  Unlike
your guppies, carnivores eat SMALL guppies instead of fish food.  While keeping
an extra $100 in your wallet to feed your carnivore may be a pain, carnivores
drop diamonds (worth $200 / ea.), which helps to increase your cash flow by
netting $100 per drop instead of $10 - $30 with guppies.

Once you buy a Carnivore, you can buy blaster upgrades for $1,000 / ea.  Each
upgrade will make your blaster stronger & therefore will require less clicks to
kill the aliens.  If you max out your blaster to Lv 10 (aka MAX LEVEL), you'll
enable the auto-fire function...  which works the same way as the auto-feed.
Just like Fish Food Upgrades, Blaster Upgrades are only good for the tank you
buy them in.  Since you're only facing one alien at a time, you shouldn't invest
too much in blaster upgrades.  Going to Lv 2 or 3 should be enough for now.

Egg pieces this tank will cost you $2,000 / ea. OR a total of $6,000 to finish
the tank (buying all 3 pieces).

Pet Obtained: Itchy the Swordfish

8.1.4) Tank 1-4
Suggested Pets: Stinky, Niko & Itchy (Auto-selected)

You should have the basics of the game down now that the game won't hold your
hand through it.

The keypoints through the tank are:
1) Grow a Guppy to Medium -- Unlocks Fish Food Upgrades
2) Grow a Guppy to Large -- Unlocks Carnivore
3) Buy a Carnivore -- Unlocks Blaster Upgrades & Egg Pieces

You'll most likely will need to buy some extra guppies before you start buying
carnivores to get your cashflow going.  Since you now have Itchy to assist you
in alien invasions, you can get by with just a Lv 3 Blaster to help you save
some money.

Egg pieces this tank will cost $3,000 / ea. or a total of $9,000 to finish the
tank (buying all 3 pieces).

Pet Obtained: Prego the Momma Fish

******************************** GAME LANDMARK! ********************************
*															    *
*                       ~~~ PETS SELECTION UNLOCKED! ~~~                       *
*															    *
* You have now obtained 4 pets!  Your collection has grown enough that you now *
* have to make the choice on which pets you'll want to take into the take from *
* now on.  I know it's a bit more responsibility, but you're ready to make the *
* call on which pets will likely help you in the next tank.                    *
*															    *

8.1.5) Tank 1-5
Suggested Pets: Stinky, Itchy & Prego

It's FINAL EXAMS time for the beginner tanks as you now have to start making a
few decisions for yourself... namely which pets to take into the tank.  While
the suggested pets would help you the most, you could swap Itchy for Niko if you
feel up for fighting the aliens on your own...  but you may want to buy a few
more Blaster Upgrades (no more than Lv 4 or 5).

The keypoints through the tank are:
1) Grow a Guppy to Medium -- Unlocks Fish Food Upgrades
2) Grow a Guppy to Large -- Unlocks Carnivore
3) Buy a Carnivore -- Unlocks Blaster Upgrades & Egg Pieces

Since you NOW have Prego, you can use her to help keep your carnivores fed as
she'll periodically give birth to a new baby guppy.  However, you may want to
keep buying guppies if you want more than one carnivore (Prego isn't a baby ATM,
crapping out multiple babies on demand).

Egg pieces this tank will cost $5,000 / ea. or a total of $15,000 to finish the
tank (buying all 3 pieces).

Pet Obtained: Zorf the Seahorse

******************************** GAME LANDMARK! ********************************
*															    *
*                         ~~~ TIMED MODE UNLOCKED! ~~~                         *
*                               TANK 1 AVAILABLE                               *
*															    *
* Congradulations on completing Tank 1!  You now have a Timed Mode available   *
* to help give you a quick fix of Insaniquarium gameplay & pick up some extra  *
* shells for your Virtual Tank.                                                *
*															    *
*                         ~~~ GIFT CHEAT UNLOCKED! ~~~                         *
*															    *
* With the completion of Tank 1, you're now showing enough maturity with the   *
* game that you may now give shells to other players (on this computer)...  if *
* you want.  You may not want to give shells right now, but now you have the   *
* option when you're ready to.                                                 *

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< BREAK  TIME! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
You've just completed your first time!  Now it's time for relax a little bit
with the Shell Drop bonus game!  The Shell Drop game is pretty simple game as
you have about a minute to collect as many shells as you click on.

You get a streak bonus (in form of a multiplier) if you collect the same type of
shell in a row (up to about 5x the shell's value).  The shells stop falling when
time runs out & ends when there's no more shells on the screen.  Whatever you
get, you keep. 

This will be the first time you'll have a chance to make a bonus purchase.
<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< -- >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

8.1) Tank 2
Now that you've gotten the hang

<<< ---------------------------- AUTHOR'S  NOTE ---------------------------- >>>
Research for this section of the guide is currently incomplete at the time this
guide was released to the publishers.  This section will likely be updated in
a future version as soon as enough information is obtained to provide you with
a reasonable walkthrough here.

If you have any suggestions that you are willing to share, please contact the
author (See Section A) & your information may be included here with your name in
the acknowledgements!

In the meantime, we apologize for the inconvience...
<<< ------------------------------------------------------------------------ >>>

8.5) Tank 5
You're nearly done with Adventure Mode, but it wouldn't be complete without a
final boss stage.  You're now at the lair of Cyrax, you (& your pets) go up
against him & his aliens.

There's no fish you need to raise in this tank...  HOWEVER, you'll need to
protect all your pets (which will be between 18 & 22, pending on the number of
bonus pets you have obtained) from Cyrax & his alien cronies.  All you have to
do is go wild on blasting Cyrax & any aliens that come to help him.  Just be
aware that you'll need to keep at least one pet alive to complete the tank.

Once you defeat Cyrax, the full egg will appear in the shop bar.  Just click on
it to finish the game.


Pet Obtained: Presto

******************************** GAME LANDMARK! ********************************
*															    *
*                      ~ BONUS ADVENTURE MODE UNLOCKED! ~                      *
*															    *
* Congratulations on completing the game!  You have braved the hazards of all  *
* the tanks, the aliens & potential repetitive stress disorder (or carpal      *
* tunnel) to come out on top!  For this, you can play adventure mode all over  *
* again, but now you'll get to play the Shell Drop bonus game after completing *
* each sub-tank.                                                               *
*															    *
* Additionally, you are awarded 5,000 Shells on top of this.                   *
*															    *
*                         ~ CHALLENGE MODE UNLOCKED! ~                         *
*															    *
* Feel like Adventure Mode wasn't hard enough for you?  You can now face the   *
* true horror of an insanely challenging gameplay mode.  With the completion   *
* Adventure Mode, you are now worthy enough to undertake this mode...  if you  *
* really feel up for this challenge...  JUST BE WARNED THAT IT IS NOT FOR THE  *
* FEINT OF HEART!!!                                                            *
*															    *

As you may have wondered, "Where's Angie?"  She decided to sit this tank out so
that she can use her talents & revive all the pets that died in Tank 5.  Now,
just sit back & enjoy the credits of the game!

9) Time Trial Walkthrough
If you don't feel like playing through adventure mode for some reason (including
limited play time), Time Trial mode should fit your Insaniquarium needs in 
10-minute bites.

HOWEVER, you'll need to complete at least Tank 1 to unlock this mode.  As you
complete Adventure Mode, the other tanks will open up for Time Trial mode as

The main objective in Time Trial Mode is rake in as much money as you can within
the time limit.  You'll start with the tank's basics (either 2 small guppies OR
a breeder) & any pets you bring with you.  Once you get a medium-sized guppy,
the entire shop bar will open up for you.  This will allow you to buy the other
fish for the tank, fish food upgrades, blaster upgrades & RANDOM PETS (instead
of egg fragments).

If you choose to buy them, the game will give you one new pet from your
collection, selected randomly, to assist you for the duration of the tank.
So your selection will be limited until you complete Adventure Mode & buy all
the bonus pets.  On the upside, this is one way to exceed the normal pet limit
for the tank.

Please be aware that price for each new pet will be doubled (under the formula
Price = $100 * 2 ^ n, where n = the number of purchases).  For those who don't
understand algebra, or just suck at it, here's your comprehensive reference
table for your convience.

| Pets Bought |    Price     |             Notes              |
|     00      | $        100 |                                |
|     01      | $        200 |                                |
|     02      | $        400 |                                |
|     03      | $        800 | Suggested Limit for Tank 1     |
|     04      | $      1,600 |                                |
|     05      | $      3,200 | Suggested Limit for Tank 2 & 3 |
|     06      | $      6,400 |                                |
|     07      | $     12,800 | Suggested Limit for Tank 4     |
|     08      | $     25,600 |                                |
|     09      | $     51,200 | Logical Maximum for ANY TANK!  |
|     10      | $    102,400 |                                |
|     11      | $    204,800 |                                |
|     12      | $    409,600 |                                |
|     13      | $    819,200 |                                |
|     14      | $  1,638,400 |                                |
|     15      | $  3,276,800 |                                |
|     16      | $  6,553,600 |                                |
|     17*     | $ 13,107,200 | Price EXCEEDS the game limits! |
|     18*     | $ 26,214,400 | Price EXCEEDS the game limits! |
|     19*     | $ 52,428,800 | Price EXCEEDS the game limits! |
|     20*     | $104,857,600 | Price EXCEEDS the game limits! |
|     21*     | $209,715,200 | Price EXCEEDS the game limits! |
| * This is IMPOSSIBLE to obtain as the game only keeps track |
|	of funds up to $9,999,999.  These are listed ONLY for    |
|	theoretical mathematical reference within the pet limits |
|	of the game.                                             |

The table is taken to the extreme logical maximum for the game as you get to
bring at least 3 pets into the tank for free.

If I really need to state this, but for those who can't manage to think for
themselves...  I'll state the obvious for you:

	1) Take the pets that you can't live without for the tank.

	2) Manage your cash wisely!  Weight the cost of the fish / item with their
		benefits before you consider buying them.

	3) Try to do with less, if possible -- the less you spend, the more money
		you'll have at the finish line!

	4) Don't be afraid to experiment -- Some riskier pet combinations may work
		better than the safe bets.

For those who are still lack the mental capabilities (either by age or "life
status"), here's the walkthrough for you.  Pet suggestions will be listed based
on he tanks completed.

Please be aware that the Average Earnings note is roughly the amount that you
could expect to earn for the tank, but the Earnings Range will give you a better
idea on how much you COULD get.

9.1) Tank 1
Time Limit: 5 minutes

Tank 1 is the easiest to play, HOWEVER, the time limit is halved to balance the
gameplay.  You'll only see the basic aliens (Sylvester & Balrog) invading your
tank, so you'll likely get by with weaker blasters.  You can also save some
money by stopping only at 5 units of fish food at one time instead of maxing it

Fish Food : Lv 3 x 5
Blaster   : Lv 2 or 3
Extra Pets: 4 or less

Starting Pets:
Tank 1  : Stinky, Prego & Zorf
Tank 2  : Stinky / Clyde, Prego, Zorf & Meryl
Tank 3  : Stinky / Clyde, Prego, Seymour & Meryl
Tank 4/5: Stinky / Clyde, Seymour, Meryl & Presto

Average Earnings: ~$4,000 (~200 Shells)
Earnings Range  : ~$1,000 - ~$7,000

9.2) Tank 2
Time Limit: 10 minutes

For those who have a bit more time & feel like taking a harder challenge will
likely enjoy Tank 2.  Gus & Destructo will invade the tank (although Sylvester &
Balrog may still pop up).  Since Gus will most likely be invading your tank than
the others, you'll want to invest more in fish food upgrades than your blaster.

Fish Food : Lv 3 x 9
Blaster   : Lv 2 or 3 (Optional)
Extra Pets: 6 or less

Starting Pets:
Tank 2  : Stinky / Clyde, Prego, Zorf & Meryl
Tank 3  : Stinky / Clyde, Prego, Seymour & Gumbo
Tank 4/5: Stinky / Clyde, Seymour, Meryl & Presto

Average Earnings: ~$20,000 (~1,000 Shells)
Earnings Range  : ~$5,000 to ~$35,000 

<<< ---------------------------- AUTHOR'S  NOTE ---------------------------- >>>
Research for this section of the guide is currently incomplete at the time this
guide was released to the publishers.  This section will likely be updated in
a future version as soon as enough information is obtained to provide you with
a reasonable walkthrough here.

If you have any suggestions that you are willing to share, please contact the
author (See Section A) & your information may be included here with your name in
the acknowledgements!

In the meantime, we apologize for the inconvience...
<<< ------------------------------------------------------------------------ >>>

10) Challenge Mode Walkthrough
Challenge mode is NOT for the feint of heart as it's one of the most extreme
game modes available in Insaniquarium.  However, for those who manage to get
through the tanks of Challenge Mode in one piece get some bragging rights in
addition to some shells.

Because of the difficulty of Challenge Mode, you'll need to complete Adventure
Mode to unlock it.

<<< ---------------------------- AUTHOR'S  NOTE ---------------------------- >>>
Research for this section of the guide is currently incomplete at the time this
guide was released to the publishers.  This section will likely be updated in
a future version as soon as enough information is obtained to provide you with
a reasonable walkthrough here.

This particular section will likely take some time due to the author's lack of
skill & the extreme difficulty of this mode.

If you have any suggestions that you are willing to share, please contact the
author (See Section A) & your information may be included here with your name in
the acknowledgements!

In the meantime, we apologize for the inconvience...
<<< ------------------------------------------------------------------------ >>>

11) Virtual Tank Walkthrough
The Virtual Tank is more a relaxation area than the other game modes as it
allows you to go at your own pace with practically no pressures than what you
place on yourself.  There are a few things that are different in this mode than
what you'll find elsewhere in the game.

	1) The Tank's currency is in Shells instead of Dollars.  You use the Shells
		to buy fish & tank accessories for your Virtual Tank.  You can even
		use the Shells you collect to buy the bonus pets.

	2) Store bought fish NEVER DIE!  While neglecting them is NEVER a good
		thing to do, they'll just get depressed instead of dying.  The only
		fish that will die are your "feeder fish" (for your carniverous fish)
		as they must abide by standard game rules...  but they're free & most
		get eaten shortly after they enter the tank.

	3) All required fish food is free.  Unlike the other game modes, you can
		place as much fish food (of all required varieties) in the tank as you
		like without costing you a dime!

	4) Aliens will not attack your tank...  unless you want them to!  As the
		Virtual Tank is more geared towards relaxation, they will not invade
		your tank UNLESS you have the alien attractor in the tank.

		However, the aliens will not touch your store bought fish...  only the
		feeder fish, so you don't have to worry about wrecking your tank by
		letting them visit, as long as you have a way to attack them.

	5) NO auto-pause.  When you click outside the game window (if you're NOT
		running in full screen), the Virtual Tank will keep running...  for
		good & bad.  If you really want to pause the Virtual Tank, you'll have
		to hit the spacebar first.

		If you have the "Tank Automation" combo, you should be OK.

All the pets that you've unlocked from adventure mode will be available for the
Virtual Tank to help you out...  so you'll have to play through the game to get
the pets.

When you create your player account, you're given 200 Shells to get you started.
You earn extra shells by play the game one of the following ways:

	1) Complete a Tank in Adventure Mode -- Playing the Shell Drop game.

	2) Completing a Subtank in Bonus Adventure Mode -- Playing the Shell Drop

	3) Completing a tank in Time Trial Mode -- 5% of your cash total

	4) Completing a tank in Challenge Mode -- See above for payout

	5) Playing with your Virtual Tank, either in game or as a screensaver --
		Payout depends on your fish & their happiness

There are other ways, but these are the most common.  Just be aware that you can
store up to 9,999,999 Shells in your wallet...  but you won't needs to save up
THAT MUCH for anything...  Having over 1,000,000 Shells is a bit excessive... to
be brutally honest.

11.1) The Buttons
The buttons on the tank bar are a bit different than the other game modes.
Here's what you'll need to know.

	1) Shop -- This is where you go to buy all the fish & tank accessories for
		your Virtual Tank.  The shop is restocked every day (AFTER Midnight)
		with new stuff so visit fairly often to see what goodies are available
		for you.

		Please be aware that all fish purchased come with a 24-hour
		satification guarentee.  If, for ANY REASON, you're unhappy with your
		purchase, you can return the fish to the shop for a full refund.

	2) Fish -- This is where you can check up on the status of your fish & make
		modifications to them.  You can also find out some interesting (but
		useless) information about each fish.  There's 3 options available

		* Hide / Show -- This allows you to hide or show the selected fish in
			your tank...  if you want to limit the number you see.

		* Rename -- This allows you to rename your fish, if you made a mistake
			in their name OR want to change it to something else.

		* Sell -- This allows you to sell you fish back to the shop.  If the
			24-hour satification guarentee is in effect, you'll get a full
			refund.  OTHERWISE, you'll only get half your money back.

			HOWEVER, please be aware that some fish (like your guppies) WILL
			APPRECIATE in value as they grow, so you can make some quick
			money this way...  but I don't suggest it.

			You'll most likely use this only when you need to open up a slot
			for a new purchase.

		Please be aware that there are only 20 fish slots.  Once they're maxed
		out, you'll be forced to sell a fish before you buy any new ones.

	3) Pets -- This is where you can select the pets you want in your virtual
		tank.  Unlike the other game modes, you can swap pets in & out on the
		fly.  HOWEVER, you have to unlock the pets in order to use them here.

	4) Feed -- If your fish don't eat regular fish food, you'll need to click
		here to deliver your specialty fish food.  If you have more than one
		fish that requires specialty food, a sub menu will appear below the
		tank bar for you to select it.

		Just click on the food you want to drop in the tank & it's done!
		The only restriction is that you can only drop enough food for one
		feeding per fish that requires it at one time.  So you can't drop like
		5 guppies into the tank for 1 carnivore.

	5) Tank -- The tank options are listed here, like what background you want
		to use...  if you want the Bubblator & Alien Atractor in the tank &
		if you want to enable the Insaniquarium screensaver.

	6) Back -- This is just the quick option to leave the Virtual Tank.

11.2) The Shop
The shop is where you'll be spending the majority of your Shells.  There are
at least 6 fish stocked in the shop on any given day & the shop is layed out
as such (excuse the lame ASCII artwork)

| A |   | C | D | E | F |
+---+   +---+---+---+---+
| B |                   |
+---+                   |
|                       |
+---+               +---+
| G |               | H |

Each slot is filled with the following:

	A - Regular Guppy -- 25 Shells

	B - Regular Carnivore -- 100 Shells

	C - Colored Guppy -- 500 Shells

	D - Colored Carnivore -- 1,000 Shells

	E - Special / Rare Fish -- 2,500 to 50,000 Shells

	F - Special / Rare Fish -- 2,500 to 50,000 Shells

	G - Tank Accessories (in order of availability)
		* Bubblator         -- 20,000 Shells
		* Alien Attractor   -- 50,000 Shells
		* Fish Food Upgrade -- 20,000 Shells
		* "Cookie" the Fish -- 50,000 Shells
		* Random Fish       --     25 to 50,000 Shells

	H - Tank Accessories (in order of availability)
		* New Background -- 15,000 Shells (Collect All 6!)
		* Random Fish    --     25 to 50,000 Shells

For slots G & H, the item listed is based on what you have.  If you have the
item, go down to the next one on the list until you reach "Random Fish", which
can be any fish that can be purchased...  including the boring, regular fish OR
a Special, Rare Fish.

I will note that the fish tend to appear in the shop on a 21-day cycle, so bear
that in mind when you see one that you may not get another opportunity for
IN SECTION 15.3)!!!

12) Miscellaneous Q & A

Q.1) Why are my fish changing color?
A.1) Your fish are getting sick with hunger...  FEED THEM NOW OR ELSE!!!
		If you're dealing with your virtual tank, they're hungry & haven't
		been fed enough for the day...  assuming you haven't enabled the
		"always show hungry fish" option.

		Fish in the virtual tank only need to be fed 3 times in one day to be
		covered...  which this can be done in one sitting of about 5-15
		minutes of gameplay OR just by running the screensaver for an hour or
		so with the "Tank Automation Crew".

Q.2) Why are my fish dying?
A.2) There's a few reasons behind this...

		1) You're neglecting your fish, either because you too busy with other
			things OR you're practically bankrupt.

		2) Tank overpopulation -- Too many fish & not enough food to go around
			to cover your needs.  This usually happens in Tank 4.

		3) You have a special hazard in your tank, like Amp, Shrapnel OR an
			alien (or two) that are killing them off.

	You can either pay more attention to the conditions of your tank OR you can
		just bring Angie with you to revive all the dead fish.

Q.3) Why aren't my fish dropping shells?
A.3) There's a few reasons behind this as well...

		1) Your fish are too young or too small -- Just be patient & let them
			grow up a bit first.

		2) You're neglecting your fish -- Fish will only take care of your
			wants & needs if you take care of them in return.  Just feed all
			your fish 3 times per day, EVERY DAY & they'll be OK.  As long as
			they're properly fed, they'll be happy & will drop shells...

			If you heavily neglected them, it'll take a couple of days to
			undo the damage you've done as they'll be depressed.

			If you don't have the time, just set up your virtual tank as your
			screen saver with the "Tank Automation Crew" & things should turn

		3) You hit the theoretical "Shell Limit" on the screen saver. -- It's
			a rare thing, but the game sometimes sets an arbitrary limit to
			the number of shells that your fish can generate in a single
			session for your screen saver.  Once this limit is reached, you
			fish will stop dropping shells for some reason until you
			interrupt the screen saver.  This limit is at least 5,000 Shells,
			but it does vary per user & the contents of your tank.

			At last check for this "Shell Limit", it was around the 9,000
			mark for me.

			To check for yourself, just modify your power saving settings so
			your screen saver can run for about a hour (or longer, if your
			tank doesn't have a lot of fish).  This way, you can keep track
			of the shell tally.  When your fish aren't producing any more
			shells, the number on the shell tally is your limit.

Q.4) Why aren't my virtual tank fish growing?
A.4) Patience!  As long as they're happy & fed, they'll eventually grow in about
		5 days (week tops).  If you've neglected them for some reason, it'll
		take more time as you'll have to get their mood up.

		If you did any time traveling (which is a HORRIBLE IDEA), you could
		throw off their original schedule & it'll take a massive amount of
		time to fix (See Section 15.3).

		Please be aware that only guppies & Mini-Sylvesters can grow in the
		virtual tank.

Q.5) Why isn't my virtual tank screen saver loading?
A.5) There's two possible answers:
		A) You've disabled the Screen Saver -- Just re-select Insaniquarium
			from the screen saver list OR re-enable it in-game.

		B) Another player is loading up their virtual tank -- This one will
			require either diplomacy or separate accounts on the computer to

Q.6) Why is my screen saver freezing up?
A.6) Your "Power Save" options between your computer & Insaniquarium are in
		conflict to each other.  Once the power save option kicks in, the
		screen saver will freeze up your computer.

		It's a safe bet just to enable this setting since your computer will
		most likely have some power save options enabled.

Q.7) Why is Stinky red?
A.7) He's just angry because he hasn't been able to collect anything for you.
		It's only a temporary thing as he'll return to normal once he picks
		up something.

		This normally happens if you have Nimbus in the tank with him, but
		Clyde can cause it as well.

Q.A) Hey you misspelled something!
A.A) That's not really a question, but most misspellings occur either due to
		laziness or it's some jargon that common spell checkers won't know.

		I write my guides using Notepad++ & Spell-check using ASpell (which
		Notepad++ uses).  Notepad++ doesn't spell check on the fly, so it's
		possible for me to overlooks a misspelled word originally before I
		actually run the spell checker (if I choose to run it).

		Additionally, some grammatical errors can be overlooked as well.  Most
		grammatical errors are usually the result of thought fragmentation OR
		mental oversights.  Usage of the Speech plug-in is helping me to catch
		some of these errors when things don't sound right when it's getting
		read back to you, even with an electronic voice.

Q.B) What's up with the Bronze / Silver / Gold deal?
A.B) It's just one way I separate myself from other guide writers.  The metal
		notes is one way to show the development of the guide.

		* Bronze = Beta version...  These are usually developmental versions
			that usually don't get published as there's usually gaping holes
			in the guide as well as a lot of spelling errors.

		* Silver = Release version...  These may not contain everything, but
			they usually contain a lot of information to help people who want
			to read it.  It's a bit more polished as there only a few
			spelling errors.

		* Gold = Final(?) version...  These are practically complete guides &
			are highly polished (with practically no errors in it).  This
			is as close as I get to saying "FINAL VERSION" without actually
			saying it.

		* Platinum = Deluxe version...  You'll most likely won't find this 
			version on most websites (like Game FAQ's) as it'll be in Acrobat
			format (PDF), contains pictures & formatted text (instead of the
			boring, basic text).  This usually takes more time than what I
			usually prefer to do.

Q.C) Can I use (a part of) your guide for my own?
A.C) As long as you comply with the Creative Commons license this guide is
		released under (See Section D for the exact details), I don't really
		care what you do with my guide.  Print it out, use it as a reference
		tool for your own guide or add salt & pepper before eating it... it
		doesn't make a difference to me as I prefer to keep the gameplay info
		that I've aquired to be free.

		If you had an agreement with me prior to Version 2.000 (when this
		guide was fully copyrighted), you can consider those agreements Null &
		Void.  However, the Creative Commons license likely grants you the
		same permissions that your agreement had.

13) Tips & Cheats
Like nearly every game, there's bound to be some tips, tricks & cheats to be
hidden in the game that you may want to find out about.

13.1) Keywords
Pop Cap is known to hide some special "Keywords" in their games to spice things
up in their game with secret effects.  These keywords vary from helpful to just
plain silly.  All you have to do is to punch in these keywords during gameplay
to trigger their effect.  Just type the keyword again to undo the effect.
Please be aware that all the keywords are CASE INSENSITIVE!  The capitalized
characters are written here just to make them easier to read.

* B (the key) -- Produces extra bubbles (with each keystroke)
	* This effect is only temporary, so don't worry about undoing it.
	* This effect DOES NOT affect the input of any other codes.
* Give -- Allows a user to give shells to another user on that computer.
	* NOTE: Requires you to complete Tank 1 to unlock this.
	* IMPORTANT: Transactions are NOT reversible!
* Prego -- Changes Prego's birthing sound
* Space -- Changes the Tank background to outer space (Stars)
* SuperMegaUltra -- Makes Prego's birthing sound REALLY ANNOYING
* Time -- Shows / Hides the Tank's Clock (Time Elapsed only)
* Void -- Changes the Tank background to a white screen
* Wavy -- Enable / Disables wavy water effects
* WeLoveBetaTesters -- Changes the breeder's birthing sound
* Zombie -- Makes your fish LOOK dead (but they still act alive, though).

13.2) Secrets
These are a few lesser-known secrets in the game that you may enjoy...

* After you pick up all 4 bonus pets, you can buy pet limit increases.
	* 4 Pets: 40,000 Shells
	* 7 Pets: 45,000 Shells (Virtual Tank Only)

* Once you have purchased the 7-Pet upgrade, you'll see a silver trophy appear
	on the menu screen.  This means that you can now access Sandbox Mode.

* You can get the secret "Santa Fish" in your virtual tank by naming a newly
	purchased fish as "Santa".  This fish will instantly because a big white
	guppy with red fins.  Santa will drop bags of shells (worth 20 Shells) &
	will occasionally play a Christmas carol.

14) Sandbox Mode
Once you have the silver trophy, you can access the Sandbox Mode by using the
most famous game code known to practically everybody.  If you have been living
in a hole or been out of touch with modern society since the mid 1980's...

It's up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a.  Don't type "up" here,
just use the arrow keys for those (so it's ^,^,v,v,<,>,<,>,b,a if you understand
the crappy ASCII graphics).

If this is the first time you access Sandbox Mode, you'll notice that your pet
limit is maxed out at 11 pets for your virtual tank.

Sandbox Mode is something that the developers of the game created in order to
test things in the game out without being confined to all the normal rules of
the game.  Sandbox Mode is usually removed before the game gets released to the
public, but there are a few occasions (like this) when the developers hide it in
the game...  just waiting for others to stumble across it & enjoy.

The base rules of the Sandbox are...

1) You're given $1,000,000 to start (instead of $200).
2) You must keep 1 fish alive in the tank at all times.
3) Fish food still costs $5 per unit.
4) All items in the shop bar still cost money.
5) Aliens will occasionally invade your tank (without spawning them yourself).

Other than these rules, you can do whatever you want!  When you're done, you can
just hit the egg in the shop bar or hit "menu" & "return to menu".

Nearly every key on the keyboard will instantly spawn a fish, a pet OR an alien
into the sandbox.

14.1) Keyboard layout
Nearly all the common keys on the keyboard will spawn a creature in the game,
here's how they're laid out.

IMPORTANT NOTE: These controls are CASE SENSITIVE.  Everything EXCEPT the bonus
pets are mapped to lower-case letters.  The Bonus pets are mapped to the
upper-case letters in the "home row" on the keyboard.

In order to make it easier to read & access, the list is broken up into smaller
chunks & is arranged from left to right, top to bottom of the standard QWERTY
keyboard.  If you're using a DVORAK or foreign non-ASCII keyboard, you're on
your own here!

1 - drops small guppies
2 - drops carnivores
3 - drops star guppies
4 - drops starcatchers

5 - drops guppycruncher
6 - drops beetlemuchers
7 - drops breeders
8 - drops ultravores


+/- - Change Background

q - spawns Stinky the Snail
w - spawns Niko the Oyster
e - spawns Itchy the Swordfish
r - spawns Prego the Breeder
t - spawns Zorf the Seahorse

y - spawns Clyde the Jellyfish
u - spawns Vert the Skeleton Fish
i - spawns Rufus the Crab
o - spawns Meryl the Mermaid
p - spawns Wadsworth the Whale

a - spawns Seymour the Turtle
s - spawns Shrapnel the Mechafish
d - spawns Gumbo the Angler
f - spawns Blip the Dolphin
g - spawns Rhubarb the Hermit Crab

h - spawns Nimbus the Manta Ray
j - spawns Amp the Eletric Eel
k - spawns Gash the Shark
l - spawns Angie the Angelfish
; - spawns Presto the Tadpole

z - spawns Sylvester (the alien)
x - spawns Balrog (the alien)
c - spawns Gus (the alien)
v - spawns Destructor (the alien)
b - spawns Ulysses (the alien)
n - spawns Psychosquid (the alien)
m - spawns Bilaterus (the alien)

A - spawns Brinkley the Scuba Diving Elephant
S - spawns Nostradamus the Nosefish
D - spawns Stanley the Small Sea Serpent
F - spawns Walter the Penguin

Spacebar - Pause

15) Bug Notices
As much as the developers would like to squash all the bugs before they release
the game to the public, there's just some bugs that manage to get through...
Either the Quality Assurance department didn't find it OR the programmers just
didn't have enough time to fix them before the release deadline.

Regardless how the bugs came to be, you should be aware of them as well as how
to avoid them & how to fix them, should you run into them.

Please be aware that these bugs are known issues for version 1.0 of the game.
These may have been corrected in later editions, but not everybody runs the
latest version of the game.

15.1) The "Tank 6" Bug
The Tank 6 bug occurs when you click on the menu button & select "Return to
Menu" INSTEAD of clicking the egg AFTER defeating Cyrax in Adventure Mode.  When
you trigger this bug, the game will think you're going to Tank 6, which doesn't
exist.  Instead, it'll force you to repeat the boss level (Tank 5) over & over

HOW TO PREVENT THIS:  When you defeat Cyrax, just click on the egg to complete
the level & Adventure Mode, which will bring up the credits.

HOW TO FIX THIS BUG:  There's 2 ways to fix this...

1) Uninstall & re-install the game -- This is annoying, but the only way to fix
this bug under normal circumstances.

2) Use "The Fishinator" utility program from InsaniquariumGuide.com -- This is
an quicker fix as it includes a "Tank 6 Bug Fixer" that will correct the bug,
taking you back to Tank 1-1.  Since the program is only 600 KB, it's a more
paletable option as it only takes a minute to run the program.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< DISCLAIMER >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
	The author of this guide does NOT endorse, nor condone the use of The
Fishinator to correct this bug.  HOWEVER, the Fishinator includes a limited
hacking system to modify your virtual tank by backing up as well as sending &
receiving fish.

	Please be aware that you are using The Fishinator AT YOUR OWN RISK!  While
the program is relatively safe to use, it is a violation of the game's license
agreement.  If you have any problems with The Fishinator, please contact the
makers of that program directly.  DO NOT CONTACT me, N.M.E., Pop Cap Games OR
Flying Bear Games about this program!
<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< END OF DISCLAIMER! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

15.2) Disappearing Tank Fish Bug
You may periodically notice that some of your fish are missing from your virtual
tank.  This can happen when you use the on-screen back button, but it doesn't
happen all the time.

HOW TO PREVENT THIS: ALWAYS leave the virtual tank by clicking on the menu
button & then click "Return to Menu"

HOW TO FIX THIS BUG: Click on the "Fish" button to make sure that you didn't
sell the fish in question. Then, do a "Hide / Show" cycle (by click on the
Hide / Show button) twice to make the missing fish visible again.

15.3) "The Bends" (Fish Depression Syndrome)
"The Bends" isn't necessarily considered a bug, but it has bug-like symptoms
because you attempted to cheat the game by time-traveling (by changing your
computer's internal clock) & you're now paying the consequences of doing so.
Symptions of "The Bends" include horribly depressed fish & the shop temporarily
sold out on some items.


HOW TO FIX THIS BUG: The only way to fix this is a technique called "Progression
through Regression", where you try to take care of your fish in a compressed
timeline.  You just feed all your fish at least three times for the day you're
currently on.  After you quit the game, adjust the clock one day closer to the
actual date & re-feed your fish again.  You'll have to keep repeating this for
every day you time travel until you back to the present.

This method IS time consuming, specially if you make a massive jump in time on
your computer, but doing this will get your fish out of their depression & will
eventually get them happy again.  THIS MAY NOT FIX THE STORE PROBLEMS!  The
store will eventually fix itself once you get past the date you jumped to,
assuming you jumped ahead in time.

15.4) Cookie Deja Vu
This bug is a lesser known bug, but if you sell "Cookie" (the fish-feeder)
at any time, all the items that were in the lower left corner of the shop will

HOW TO PREVENT THIS: Just don't sell Cookie...  EVER!

HOW TO FIX THIS BUG: Be prepared to spend 140,000 Shells & 4 days buying all the
items that preceeded Cookie in the shop.  Unless you really want to feed your
fish by yourself...  just take the prevention advice as this is an expensive
lesson to learn.

A) Acknowledgements
The author would like to thank the following people, sites & companies:

* Pop Cap Games (w/ Flying Bear) -- The creators of the game.
* InsaniquariumGuide.com 
		* For the Creation of the Fishinator.
		* Additional information for the guide.
* Game FAQ's -- For hosting this FAQ.

If you have any tips, information or suggestions for this guide.  Please e-mail
me at TStodden@hotmail.com with "Insaniquarium FAQ" in the subject line to make
it stand out.  Please note that this isn't my primary e-mail address (so it
won't get spammed up), so don't get upset if I don't get back to you promptly...
if at all.  No flamebait POS messages please, I get enough of those at work.

B) Further Reading
If you like this game & would like to get more information, please check out the
following sites.

* InsaniquariumGuide.com -- Insaniquarium Guide site, mostly for the Fishinator.
* notepad-plus.sourceforge.net -- Notepad++
* aspell.net -- ASpell

C) Version History

C.1) Abridged History from 0.100 to 1.521
3:15 AM 2.12.2005 to 11:36 AM 7.07.2005

This was the first guide I ever written & didn't contain the standardized stuff
that later guides.  Here's the gist of the updates from from the old guide...

* 1.300 -- Tanks 1-1 through 1-3 completed for Adventure Mode
* 1.400 -- Sandbox mode added to the FAQ's
* 1.420 -- Completed Virtual Tank Walkthrough
* 1.420 -- Started work on Time Trial mode...
* 1.430 -- First Published on Game FAQ's
* 1.500 -- Added virtual Tank information about aliens
* 1.500 -- Added "Bug Notices" to FAQ
* 1.510 -- Corrected Shop Data for the Virtual Tank
* 1.521 -- Corrected "Konami Code" secret (mixed up the a/b set up)

C.2) Version 2.000 to 2.002 -- Silver Edition
12:20 AM 11.28.2009 to Present...

Wow, it's been over 4 years since I last touched this guide...  It's bigger &
hopefully better than before!

Let's get to the stuff that has been changed since then.

* 2.000 - Reworked the TOC to a more standardized format
* 2.000 - Changed the version system to standardized format
* 2.000 - Changed copyright & licensing to a Creative Commons License
			(See Section D for details)
* 2.000 - Abridged version history of previous versions
* 2.001 - Added "Pet Stories" to the Pet's & Alien's section
* 2.001 - Added Side-bars to Pet Combos
* 2.001 - Corrected some overlooked spelling errors
* 2.001 - Corrected some overlooked errors in the Sandbox Mode
			(accidentally swapped some creatures)
* 2.001 - Updated Pets information
* 2.002 - Started Framework for Adventure Mode Walkthrough
* 2.002 - Started Framework for Time Trial Mode Walkthrough
* 2.002 - Partial Completion for Time Trial Mode Walkthrough
* 2.002 - Started Framework for Challenge Mode Walkthrough
* 2.002 - Partial Completion for Adventure Mode Walkthrough

D) Copyright Information & Licensing
(c) 2005-2010 TStodden, (c) 2005-2010 NESpresso Multimedia Entertainment
SOME Rights Reserved

This guide is published under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial
License 3.0 (See http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/3.0/ for details).
In short, you MAY use this guide in part or in whole (preferably not the entire
guide to avoid plagiarism...  unless you're going to host this) WITHOUT HAVING

To take advantage of this license (without e-mailing me), you just have to do
the following:

1) Give me credit for the parts you used from this guide (a note in your
	acknowledgements is all you need).
2) You must provide your guide for free as well (hence the "Non-commercial").
	-- I'm doing this for free, so you can go free as well!  You may charge for
	the storage medium (paper, cd-rom, ect.), but it has to be "at cost".
3) Please e-mail me a note if you're going to use the guide in whole -- It's not
	part of the license, but I like to know where my work is hosted.
4) You are NOT REQUIRED to use the same license...  although it doesn't hurt.

That's about it!  Again, check the address above for the "human" (simple) &
"legal" (technical & legally binding) terms of the license.  If you bother to
e-mail me (see section A for details), I'll try to send you updates of this
guide when they're ready...  but it's not a guarantee as I normally publish
updates on Game FAQ's first (as it's the public clearinghouse for game guides)
& I might forget about you as I don't update on a regular schedule.

The main reason why I'm releasing my guides under a Creative Commons license as
it makes it easier for others to build on my work without as many legal hurdles
to deal with.  It also means I don't have to monitor the web as heavily for
violators as this license is designed to permit others to distribute this... as
long as they doing for free.  However, it does give me the right to revoke the
license in the future...  but that creates too many legal issues to deal with.

If you don't like the license, you can e-mail me (see Section A for the address)
for non-license permission.  Most requests accepted, but I'll likely place a
commercial provision on such permission (as long I get a cut, I'll wont object).

E) The Final Word
This is line 2662 & the end of this guide.