MVP Baseball 2003 for Playstation 2 by EA Sports

Roster Update Guide

Author: Brian Maloney  GameFAQs name: BrianMolo35 (

Version 1.1


1. Table of Contents

     1. Table of Contents
     2. Introduction
     3. Version History
     4. New Transactions
     5. All Roster Changes (Alphabetically be League)
     6. Thanks
     7. Permitted Websites
     8. Copyright Info


2. Introduction

     This Roster Update FAQ has been put together for those, like myself, who 
do not gave a gameshark or other means of downloading Roster Updates. I have 
put a lot of work into this guide to make your gaming experience better.  This
guide can be used to help to update your MVP Baseball 2003 (herein 'MVP') from
it's January 23, 2003 Rosters to a roster as current as it can possibly be.

     The first version of this FAQ will contain all Transactions that have
occured in Major League Baseball since the cutoff date for this game.
Periodically, (mostly once or twice a week, less after the trading deadline),
this will be updated.  After the first version, all updates will go into the 
new transaction section, for those who have all of the old roster moves
completed and just want the new ones, and into the All Roster changes section,
for those who are using the guide for the first time.  Please note, some of
the players may not be in the game, but I am including them here incase
somebody has created a CAP of them.  The only transactions I have omitted are
those of people who were sent down to the minor league camp during spring 
training.  Also, some players that I have listed as 'activate' may already be
on the active roster in your game, but may have been on the DL in reality, and
some demotions may have been players who filled that injured players spot, and 
may already be on the inactive roster.  Keep in mind, that alot of the player
mentioned in the guide may not actually be in the game, and other may not need
the transactions I have written, because EASports may have compensated for
injuries or other circumstances.

     I would recommend that the first thing you do is remove all the players 
that I have indicated, then add them all to their proper teams.  Then you can
go team by team and Activate players as you so choose.


3. Version History

 - (July 25, 2003) Version 1.0- Updates from January 23, 2003 to July 25, 2003
 - (August 1,2003) Version 1.1- Fixed mistakes from last version
                                 Updates from July 26, 2003 to August 1,2003


4. New Transactions

   NYM trade P Graeme Lloyd to KC for P Jeremy Hill
   ARI trade OF David Dellucci, P Bret Prinz, and C John Sprowl to NYY for OF
       Raul Mondesi
   CIN trade P Scott Williamson to BOS for P Phil Dumatrait
   ANA trade P Scott Shoenweis and P Doug Nickle to CHW for P Gary Glover and
       P Scott Dunn, and P Tim Bittner
   NYY trade P Dan Miceli to HOU
   NYM trade SS Rey Sanchez to SEA for OF Kenny Kelly
   BOS released P Chad Fox
   TEX trade OF Doug Glanville to CHC for OF Jason Fransz
   ANA released P Kevin Appier
   CIN trade OF Jose Guillen to OAK for P Aaron Harang, P Joe Valentine, and P
       Jeff Bruksch
   BAL trade P Sidney Ponson to SF for P Damian Moss, P Kurt Ainsworth, and P
       Ryan Hannaman
   BOS trade IF Freddy Sanchez and P Mike Gonzalez to PIT for P Jeff Suppan, P
       Brandon Lyon and P Anastacio Martinez
   CIN trade OF Gabe White and 3B Aaron Boone to NYY for P Brandon Claussen and
       P Charlie Manning
   TB trade P Al Levine to KC
   NYY trade 3B Robin Ventura to LA for OF Bubba Crosby 


5. All Roster Changes

American League

Anaheim Angels

Add- P Elio Serrano (PHI)
     P Gary Glover (CHW)
     P Scott Dunn (CHW)
     P Tim Bittner (CHW)
Remove- P Scott Schoeweis (CHW)
        P Doug Nickle (CHW)
        P Kevin Appier

Baltimore Orioles

Add- IF Felix Escalona (TB)
     OF Gary Matthews Jr. (SD)
     IF Luis Lopez (COL)
     P Damian Moss (SF)
     P Kurt Ainsworth (SF)
     P Ryan Hannaman (SF)
Remove- P Luis Rivera
        P Sidney Ponson (SF)

Boston Red Sox
Add- P Bronson Arroyo (PIT)
     1B/OF Kevin MIllar
     P Robert Person
     P Dicky Gonzalez (MON)  
     P Ryan Cameron (COL)
     C Bill Haselman
     P Bruce Chen (HOU)
     P Byung-Hyun Kim (ARI)
     OF Sheldon Fulse (SEA)
     OF Gabe Kapler (COL)
     P Todd Jones
     P Bryan Hebson (MON)
     P scott Saurbeck (PIT)
     P Scott Williamson (CIN)
     P Jeff Suppan (PIT)
     P Anastacio Martinez (PIT)
Remove- OF Benny Agbayani
        P Willie Banks
        P Frank Castillo
        3B Shea Hillenbrand (ARI)
        OF Ricky Henderson (LA)
        1B Tony Clark (NYM)  
        P Chad Fox
        IF Freddy Sanchez (PIT)

Chicago White Sox

Add- C Michael Rivera (SD)
     OF Carl Everett (TEX)
     2B Roberto Alomar (NYM)
     P Scott Dunn (CIN)
     P Scott Schoenweis (ANA)
     P Doug Nickle (ANA)
Remove- P Edwin Almonte (NYM)
        P Royce Ring (NYM)
        IF Andrew Salvo (NYM)
        IF D'Angelo Jimenez
        P Gary Glover (ANA)
        P Scott Dunn (ANA)
        P Tim Bittner (ANA)

Cleveland Indians

Add- P Mike Fyhrie (PHI)
     C Clint Chauncey (STL)
     P Nick Bierbrodt (TB)
     P Matt White (BOS)
Remove- IF Bill Selby (STL)
        OF Karim Garcia (NYY)
        P Dan Miceli

Detroit Tigers

Add- C A.J. Hinch (CLE)
     P Tyler Walker (NYM)    
     OF Wendell Magee
     OF Alex Sanchez (MIL)
     C Ben Petrick (COL)
Remove- P Julio Santana
        P Oscar Henriquez
        2B Damion Easley
        P Chad Petty (MIL)
        OF Gary Varner (MIL)
        P Adam Bernero (COL)  

Kansas City Royals

Add- 2B Brent Abernathy (TB)
     P Les Walrond (STL)
     P Jose Lima
     P Curtis Leskanic (MIL)
     P Graeme LLoyd (NYM)
     P Al Levine (TB)
Remove- P Albie Lopez
        P Wes Obermueller (MIL)
        IF Alejandro Machado (MIL)
        P Jeremy Hill (NYM)

Minnesota Twins

Add- P James Baldwin
     OF Shannon Stewart (TOR)
Remove- Bobby Kielty (TOR)

New York Yankees

Add- P Jose Contreras
     OF Bubba Trammell (SD)
     P Mark Phillips (SD)
     OF Ruben Sierra (TEX)
     P Dan Miceli (CLE)
     OF Karim Garcia (CLE)
     P Armando Benitez (NYM)
     P Jesse Orosco (SD)
     OF David Dellucci (ARI)
     P Bret Prinz (ARI)
     C John Sprowl (ARI)
     3B Aaron Boone (CIN)
     OF Gabe White (CIN)
     OF Bubba Crosby (LA)
Remove- P Randy Keisler
        OF Rondell White (SD)
        OF Marcus Thames (TEX)
        P Juan Acevedo
        P Jason Anderson (NYM)
        P Anderson Garcia (NYM)
        P Ryan Bicondoa (NYM)
        OF Raul Mondesi (ARI)
        P Dan Miceli (HOU)
        P Brandon Claussen (CIN)
        P Charlie Manning (CIN)
        3B Robin Ventura (LA)

Oakland Athletics

Add- OF Ron Gant
     IF Jose Flores (SD)
     OF Jose Guillen (CIN)
Remove- OF Rontrez Johnson
        P Aaron Harang (CIN)
        P Joe Valentine (CIN)
        P Jeff Bruksch (CIN)

Seattle Mariners

Add- OF Cristian Guerrero (MIL)
     SS Rey Sanchez (NYM)
Remove- OF Shelton Fulse (BOS)
        OF Kenny Kelly (NYM)

Tampa Bay Devil Rays

Add- C Javier Valentin (MIL)
     OF Al Nartin
     OF George Lombard
     IF Julio Lugo (HOU)
     UT Jeff Liefer (MON)
Remove- P Dan Reichert
        1B Lee Stevens
        OF Greg Vaughn
        P John Frascatore
        P Bob Wells
        OF Jason Conti (MIL)
        P Travis Phelps
        2B Brent Abernathy (KC)
        P Nick Bierbrodt (CLE)
        P Steve Parris
        P Al Levine (KC)

Texas Rangers

Add- IF Manny Alexander
     IF Steve O'Sullivan (CHC)
     P John Hudgins
     OF Jason Fransz (CHC)
Remove- P Rudy Seanez
        P Todd Van Poppel
        OF Carl Everett (CHW)
        P Ugueth Urbina (FLA)
        OF Doug Glanville (CHC)

Toronto Blue Jays

Add- P Scott Service (ARI)
     OF Bobby Kielty (MIN)
Remove- OF Shannon Stewart (MIN)

National League

Arizona Diamondbacks

Add- 3B Shea Hillenbrand (BOS)
     P Mike Watson (COL)
     OF Raul Mondesi (NYY)
Remove- P Greg Swindell
        P Byung-Hyun Kim (BOS)
        IF Tony Womack (COL)
        OF David Dellucci (NYY)
        P Bret Prinz (NYY)
        C John Sprowl (NYY)

Atlanta Braves

Add- P Shane Reynolds
Remove- P Mike Venafro

Chicago Cubs

Add- IF Jose Hernandez (COL)
     3B Aramis Ramirez (PIT)
     OF Kenny Lofton (PIT)
     OF Doug Glanville (CHC)
Remove- IF Mark Bellhorn (COL)
        P Travis Anderson (COL)
        IF Jose Hernandez (PIT)
        P Matt Brubeck (PIT)
        OF Jason Fransz (CHC)

Cincinnati Reds

Add- IF Russ Branyan
     IF D'Angelo Jiminez (CHW)
     P Aaron Harang (OAK)
     P Joe Valentine (OAK)
     P Jeff Bruksch (OAK)
     P Brandon Claussen (NYY)
     P Charlie Manning (NYY)
Remove- P Bruce Chen
        P Pete Harnisch
        P Jamie Navarro
        P Scott Dunn (CHW)
        P Scott Williamson (BOS)
        OF Jose Guillen (OAK)     
        3B Aaron Boone (NYY)
        OF Gabe White (NYY)

Colorado Rockies

Add- IF Mark Bellhorn (CHC)
     P Travis Anderson (CHC)
     P Adam Bernero (DET)
     SS Tony Womack (ARI)
Remove- OF Gabe Kapler (BOS)   
        IF Jose Hernandez (CHC)
        C Ben Petrick (DET)
        P Mike Watson (ARI)

Florida Marlins

Add- P Dontrelle Willis
     P Ugueth Urbina (TEX)
Remove- OF Al Martin
        1B Adrian Gonzalez (TEX)
        P Ryan Snare (TEX)
        OF Will Smith (TEX)

Houston Astros

Add- P Dan Miceli (NYY)
Remove- P Shane Reynolds
        P Jesus Sanchez
        SS Julio Lugo

Los Angeles Dodgers

Add- OF Rickey Henderson (BOS)
     OF Jeromy Burnitz (NYM)
     3B Robin Ventura (NYY)
Remove- OF Bubba Crosby (NYY)

Milwakee Brewers

Add- OF Jason Conti (TB)
     OF Gary Varner (DET)
     P Chad Petty (DET)
     P Wes Obermeyer (KC)
     IF Alejandro Machado (KC)
Remove- C Javier Valentin (TB)
        OF Alex Sanchez (DET)
        OF Jeffrey Hammonds
        P Curtis Leskanic (KC)

Montreal Expos

Add- P Livan Hernandez
     C Edwards Guzman
Remove- P Jim Brower

New York Mets

Add- P Royce Ring (CHW)
     P Edwin Almonte (CHW)
     IF Andrew Salvo (CHW)   
     2B Victor Diaz (LA)
     P Kole Strayhorn (LA)
     P Joselo Diaz (LA)
     P Jason Anderson (NYY)
     P Anderson Garcia (NYY)
     P Ryan Bicondoa (NYY)
     P Jeremy Hill (KC)
     OF Kenny Kelly (SEA)
Remove- 2B Roberto Alomar (CHW)
        OF Jeromy Burnitz (LA)
        P Armando Benitez (NYY)
        P Graeme Lloyd (KC)
        SS Rey Sanchez (SEA)
Philadelphia Phillies

Add- P Mike Williams (PIT)
Remove- P Frank Brooks (PIT)

Pittsburgh Pirates

Add- P Frank Brooks (PHI)
     IF Jose Hernandez (CHC)
     P Matt Brubeck (CHC)
     IF Freddy Sanchez (BOS)
Remove- P Mike Williams (PHI)
        3B Aramis Ramirez (CHC)
        OF Kenny Lofton (CHC)
        P Scott Sauerbeck (BOS)
        P Jeff Suppan (BOS)
        P Anastacio Martinez (BOS)

San Diego Padres

Add- P Mike Matthews (MIL)
     OF Gary Matthews Jr.
     P Clay Hensley (SF)
Remove- p Matt Herges (SF)
        P Jesse Orosco (NYY)

San Francisco Giants

Add- P Jim Brower (MON)
     P Matt Herges (SD)
     P Sidney Ponson (BAL)
Remove- P Livan Hernandez (MON)
        UT Edwards Guzman (MON)
        P Clay Hensley (SD)
        P Damian Moss (BAL)
        P Kurt Ainsworth (BAL)
        P Ryan Hannaman (BAL)

St. Louis Cardnals

Add- OF Mario Encarnacion (MON)
     P Esteban Yan (TEX)
Remove- OF Rick Asadoorian (TEX)


6. Thanks

GameFAQs for being the original host for this FAQ for the transactioins list
EASports for putting out a great game
MLB for just being awesome


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