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Why are Slimes' dmg to me increasing after I level up?

First they did 3 dmg, then they did 5, and now they do 7.

I noticed the change each time I level. I didn't change equips at all. What's the deal?


dwarf614 answered:

What have you been putting into AP str luk dex int
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Dexthe answered:

You MUST change equips when possible,otherwise your defense will get lower and their attacks get higher.
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DivinePoints answered:

Monster stats are static and cannot change unless they are the target of a buff skill (either from themselves, another monster, or the Shadower skill Taunt) As slimes do not have a buff skill, and dont spawn around any other monster their damage cannot change from its normal range.

If you recently changed equipment, and the weapon defense stat is lower then your previous equipment, the damage done to you in turn becomes higher. This is common when changing from two piece armor sets to overall armors.
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starqo answered:

Well they dont have an exact damage, they have a range just like you, they just have a very small one. So it could just be a coincidence. But, if you are ALWAYS gettin hit the same and it increasing every time you level there has to be some change in your armor or other stat.
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