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Is a zhelm droppable once its been SoKed (scissors of karma'ed)?

Is a zhelm droppable once its been SoKed (scissors of karma'ed)?


linkvssnake answered:

Uhmm, wow i'm still a noob -_-, what does soked mean?
Once someone picks it up it's untradeable last i checked, you can't even put it in your storage.
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LineRiderAddict answered:

soked means Scissors of Karma'ed. And i don't think so, once it is picked up, it can only be traded through SOK. Also, who would intentionally drop a zhelm?
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DivinePoints answered:

Items can only be traded or sold in shop permits once SoK is applied; dropping it will only result in the same message about the item being lost forever once dropped.
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