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Where can I find lvl 80 warrior equipment?

I'm a spear man lvl 83. I wonder where I can find good spear and armor that has a good def. what monster drop these items? I hunt yeti but they just drop armor for female warrior T_T. thx for helping me

Accepted Answer

DivinePoints answered:

King Sage Cat, Birk, and Ghost Pirates drop Omega Spear's.
Battle Roads overall;
Green: Master Death Teddy
Blue: Ice Drake, Buffoon, Ghost Pirate
Red: Site, Captain, Gigantic Spirit Viking
Black: Birk, Spirit Viking, Thanatos

Dragon Babuta;
Red: Hankie, Ghost Pirate
Blue: Werewolf, D. Roy, Blood Harp, Phantom Watch, Grim Phantom Watch
Black: Dark Klock, Bain

River Boots;
Red: Lucida, Homunculus, Lycanthrope, Wolf Spider
Blue: Taurospear, Red Kentaurus, Capt. Latanica, Papulatus, Thanatos
Black: Master Death Teddy, Phantom Watch, Brexton

Emperor Glove;
Green: Tauromacis, Spirit Viking
Red: Deep Buffoon, Dual Ghost Pirate, Blue Kentaurus, Phantom Watch
Black: Bain, Black Kentaurus, Bone Fish, Grim Phantom Watch

Hope this helps.
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