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How do I become a dark knight?

hello, I wonder what requirement or test I have to accomplish, to become dark knight? do we have to find some items or fight monster?


DivinePoints answered:

In order to become a Dark Knight you have to have followed the Spear-man path from level 30. At 120 you must travel to leafre and speak with your fourth job representative (in your case, Warrior: Harmonia). She will ask you to obtain two items; The Heroic Star and the Heroic Pentagon. You can get these by one of two ways.

Either fighting Griffey and Manon till they drop it
By a scroll of Secrets from Vega in the 44th floor of the Eos Tower, which will cost you 10 mil. After getting this scroll you must travel back to leafre and trade it to Chief Tatamo for both items.

Return to your fourth job instructor for a reward; Maple Hero skill book. Click them again and you'll advance to fourth job, and also receive 5 AP and 3 SP as well.

Note: Most of your fourth job skills can only be gotten by completing quests and further powered with Mastery books found from monster drops.
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nicolas1284 answered:

Yea do all that all you must reember is its the spearman path

Page= White Knight
Fighter= Hero
Spearman= Dark Knight
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