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Training spot ideas for a Lvl 66 Thunder Breaker?

I've been training at Mysterious Path 3 since lvl 60, and it's been fine until lvl 65, but I've gotten a bit bored of it. I was wondering if anybody had any ideas as to where else I could train at lvl 66? Somebody had mentioned Wind Raiders to me, but I get the feeling I'm not quite strong enough for them, and they're not weak to lightning anyhow. *Not that it matters too much, as long as I get good experience, weakness doesn't matter* Unfortunately the next monster up that's weak to lightning from Slimy is the newly added Vikerola, and I definitely can't handle them yet, and I have no idea where else to train.

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@DivinePoints: Actually the Hoodoos map got pretty nerfed with the halloween patch, as now it has Twisted Jesters in it as well. I could go to Voodoos, but now that map is more crowded since Hoodoos are no longer available.

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@DivinePoints:Ah, didn't notice that. Sorry about that.


DivinePoints answered:

The Hoodoo & Voodoo(Level: 60/ HP: 6800/ EXP: 335) map is excellent for Thunder breakers. Spawn is so/so (5 is the rooms limit) but they keep a steady rate so that you'll never run out of things to kill. A bonus; the room is small and completely flat.
Windraiders(Level: 70/ HP: 16000/ EXP: 800) are great EXP if you can handle them (though I'd suggest waiting till around 70ish). At level 73 they where giving my bandit 0.05% per kill.
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DivinePoints answered:

@Neo_Nocturna: Actually, it's only the original map that got nerfed. I've found two rooms with nothing but Voodoo, and one with a mix of both Voodoo and Hoodoo. Try different doors in the reverse hallways and you'll find it.
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KHRTsuna answered:

Monster Carnival 2? (CPQ2) or Ludi Maze PQ (LMPQ)
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