Question from AzureAzreath

Monster Carnival Glitch?

Recently I saw some ppl with lvl 51 and higher doing MC.They say you have to know how to glitch in order to play MC after lvl 50.Can anyone here teach me how to do this glitch?

AzureAzreath provided additional details:

This Monster Carnival is for lvl 30-50


tonythewolf answered:

All I can think of is that they lvled while doing it
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Dexthe answered:

Firstly,You become the party leader and party up with a lvl 51 or higher person.After that,the person changes to any other channel then you quickly click the NPC but dont choose any room first.then when the person returns,you choose the room ur opponent is in.
there u go.nid any help email me at
(my MSN is currently unavailable,pls dun add me)
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