Question from snake_eater_2

Asked: 6 years ago

Where i can find singapore?

Its in a lvl 15 quest to find singapore airport

Accepted Answer

From: ScottLancer 6 years ago

Go to Kerning City. Talk to Irene, she's in the far right. You have to pay 20 000 mesos to get a ticket, and then you have to go to the airport itself. Then, you lift off, and takes around 1 minute to actually get there. Singapore is really great training (Truckers, Jr. Selkies) after Lv45.

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Go to Kerning City and talk to Irene. She's located above the Regular Cab.

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You also need like 20.000 mesos to buy a ticket before entery.
the option is in the same talk bar as entering the plane

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