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Asked: 6 years ago

Which is better Bowman or Crossbowman?

I am a level 19 archer and was wondering which one of the 2nd jobs is better. I know that the Bowman shoots faster and is weaker, but that is about it.

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From: jimmyalto13406 6 years ago

In 2nd job, there is little difference. In third job, xbowmen have skills that can freeze, which gives them a slight advantage. In fourth job, bowmen get the move Hurricane, which is primarily why people go bow instead of xbow: it's the second-most powerful move in the game (behind NL's Triple Throw), and is used frequently in bossing. Both get Sharp Eyes, however, so you're good either way there.

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actually bow and crossbow are simliar till level 25 where the bow Actually is faster.but its really your choice:do you like to have the shooting lag before or after?most other jobs have the lag after the attack is executed thus making it look like bow is faster then the xbow,but (overall)it isnt.
but yeah i recommend xbow just because there are too few of em
go check a faq for details on the skills :)

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It all depends on how far you're going to go. If you're going all the way, go Bowmaster. If you're going up to 3rd, Xbowman is better. Other than that, Jimmy pretty much said it all.

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