Question from wolfbirdcow

Asked: 5 years ago

Why are people addicted to this game?

I have played off and on and I don't get it. This game sucks. All you do is grind constantly. I don't know how anyone would want to get past even level 40.

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We enjoy the feeling that every time you levl up, you accomplished something, and we can meet our froiends online, etc...

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That is what a cell phone is for or maybe you could even go outside... Who woulda thought that there was life outside a computer screen. Btw its somewhat cool after around lvl 100 but its very tedious work to get there

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The simplicity makes us older gamers feel more comftorable over the newer "graphics' hype games. In a way, i feel more at ease when playing MS than power graphics games, as i have to concentrate on useless graphics of stuff in the background and such get distracted from the game. In a way, simplicity is best.

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We are addicted because its FCKING AWESOME.

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