Question from KHRTsuna

Where should a lvl41 Thunder Breaker train?

Not including CPQ and LPQ


XXGameboy answered:

wat is CPQ and the best train is at MC or Mulung (but nt best place la) But i striker better train at excavation site or excavation site one or 2or the mummy dog thronly these or the best is to choose LMPQ if u dun know wat is LMPQ go search at ans and LMPQ is at ludibirium up i nt sure and it can earn money muz be lvl 30 or 40 + and the monster u fight will drop 1-500k once the mons died (this info i received around the answers)

Hope this help! ;D
Have fun!
and i nt in scandia tat kind off world i in aquila and every basic world i think.
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1234hanrik answered:

Straw dummies in mulung

Trucks in singapore
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LegendaryBacon answered:

At your level, I trained at Cold Eyes (Sleepy Dungeon III). There's a great spawn rate, great EXP, and oh so easy to kill. If you've max'd Somersault Kick or Corkscrew then it'll be even better.
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