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Where can I find better claws?

I'm stuck with a level 11 claw. (im only lvl 16 right now)


Dimon101 answered:

Most claws you need to hunt from monsters. Unfortanetly, there are not many you can find in stores. Go look on a website like HS and see what monsters drop the claws. Note that any claw named "MAPLE" are exceedingly rare and only drop or are obtainable during anniversary events usually.
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LineRiderAddict answered:

You can get the lvl 15 claw in Orbis, the level 20/25 claw in El Nath or Ludibrium, and the lvl 30 claw is not purchasable. The level 35,40, and 50 claws can be gotten from monster carnival. Everything after that is random drops from certain monsters (find out which on, or purchased by other users. Let it be noted that the maple claw, maple kandayo, and maple skanda are extremely expensive and only drop during maple events (usa=ually only their anniversary in May).
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