Question from kinda_crazy2

Asked: 6 years ago

Out of Frequency Range? (H:72.2 KHz V:120.0Hz)

I'm a bit confused of this. None of my other computer do this, I can still hear the maplestory start page and the little pop-up works fine, when it goes into the fullscreen thing this comes up:Out of Frequency Range( 3 bars one of each: red green blue) H:72.2 KHz V:120.0Hz. Any help would be appreaciated. I've tried redownloading and restarting, it's played before on this computer so It might be a new patch that can't be downloaded on this computer but that's not like this computer. Feedback?

Accepted Answer

From: TMola 6 years ago

Go to the directory where the game is installed and search and execute a file called "Setup.exe", it'll try several frequencies, so pick one that works. I'm not entirely sure this'll fix your problem, however.

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