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I have a clean 87 attack Red Katana. What is the wisest/best strategy to get it above 100+ attack?

point A: clean(7 slots) 87 attack Red Katana
point B: 100+ attack Red Katana

I know it's completely by chance but, how can I get from point A to point B?
Which route of using scrolls is the best way to get a Red Katana with 100+ attack?

Any advice is much appreciated. Thank you.


dwarf614 answered:

Okay, First of all
The best way to do it is get Nexon cash And buy Vega's Magical scrolls and get the 60% ones and use them on the scrolls and Use them on the weapon Likeliness is You'll get it 101 Att . Otherwise if you feel lucky, Buy the 10% Vega's and use them on 10%'s on your Weapon.
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