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Where should I train???

*You can give suggestions to any character*
~I have my main--A level 64 Spearman *Not DEXless*
~45 Cleric *Not LUKless*
~33 I/L Mage *Not LUKless*
~30 Gunslinger *Not STRless --that would be useless*
~58 Assassin *Not DEXless*

ValkyrieCain provided additional details:

Would there be a difference if each character was level +2?


drew6464 answered:

~Spearman: Ghost Ship in the Sea Mist Party Quest or the 2nd Monster Carnival.
~Cleric: You can help your party pretty fairly in Monster Carnival. Train there until lvl 50 and join the 2nd Monster Carnival.
~I/L Mage: Sleepywood, Ant Tunnel I would be best until you get to lvl 35 or so, because then you're ready for the Monster Carnival.
~Gunslinger: Same with the I/L Mage.
~58 Assassin: 2nd Monster Carnival.
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FolkenRawr answered:

Spearman-Wind Raiders at Lower ascent
Cleric- PyPQ
I/L- Mush Kingdom quests then Kerning Square quests
Slinger- Mush Kingdom quests then Kerning Square/ CPQ
'Sin- Wind Raiders

For all of the characters in their 40s and lower make sure to go to White Mama Monkeys everyday as well.
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