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Maplestory doesn't work?

I downloaded maplestory from the website and then once it finished downloading. i installed it and once the installing thing was done i clicked the icon for maplestory, it doesn't bring the Start menu thing so i can play the game, instead it opens a internet page to the homepage for maplestory...
Help Please :P

iMarshmellow provided additional details:

oh okay i didn't really know ROFL i haven't played in about year and also one more question, when you said play game do you mean when the window comes up for maplestory, and it says "start game" or something ]: (feeling kinda dumb)

iMarshmellow provided additional details:

oh wait nvm THANKS FOR YOUR HELP [:

Accepted Answer

ValkyrieCain answered:

The uhm, thing to log in changed from the server to the lnternet, so you just log in and click Play Game. There's nothing wrong with the game.

Hope I helped~
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