Question from ValkyrieCain

Asked: 4 years ago

Training spots (I did one already xP)?

Once again, I'm out of ways to level up and don't you dare give me a smart-*** answer.

-72 Dragon Knight
-51 Cleric
-34 Bandit
-34 Fire/Poison (Must level quickly, ring mule)
-39 Gunslinger
None are (fill in the blank)less [ex: DEXless sin] =] Please don't say pq pq pq pq pq for all Dx

Additional details - 4 years ago

None have ATT wgs or any awesome scrolled clothing. My Dragon Knight doesn't have a Zhelm.

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um.. for the lvl 3Xs try cpq, you cleric could try wraiths, and not sure about your dk.

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