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Where should i Quest?

I'm a level 27 Magician, and I don't know where i should quest. By the way, I already did most of the quests in SleepyWood.

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Yea, i have the Marbas hat, but i can't find a group for Astaroth.

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OK, i am in the middle of doing Ariant and Magatia quests, but i need 2 Lidium for one of the Ariant quests. i can't find very many Lidium ores by hunting monsters, so is there a quicker way to find the ores?


ValkyrieCain answered:

Do you have the Marbas hat? If you already do, do the chain quest that follows you into Sleepywood and defeat Astaroth. I don't know if it's worth it though. You need a few people in it, 3 at the least I think.

~After questing, you should go do Kerning PQ. You can get a loot from the King Slime for level 30, and it boosts all your stats.

~When you're level 30, you should do the chain quest of the Mushroom Kingdom. Do NOT attempt CPQ. You are still at a beginning level and won't be accepted until 38+. After Mushroom Kingdom, do the Ariant Quests. That is followed by Magatia quests. You should (approx.) be 35+ and can do LPQ. Do that. Then you can CPQ.
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