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Should I go dexless?

My dex is now 66 because of the ap reset event and with me dropping it 15 my accuracy is still over 200 so i was wondering if it would be a good idea to go dexless since my acc is so high. Plus my dex with all my equips is 66+46=112 so dexless or not.


Erosennin789 answered:

God dam!!! go dexless!!! thats to much!!!
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xidiocy answered:

Well, you would technically be going Low-DEX, because DEXless means you never add to DEX (hence, your base DEX is much lower).

Assuming you're a thief (you have 200 accuracy and you're certainly not an archer), I would say to go for it if you have the gear. If you can get enough DEX over your equips to hit the required DEX for your endgame weapon (Reverse/Timeless?), go low-DEX and pump the rest of your points into LUK.

You should always be somewhat low-DEX because equips like HTP (Horntail Pendant), Zakum Helm, Black Belts, Deputy Stars, etc. will cover a lot of the DEX you need anyway.
I think those four alone give you around 30 DEX or so already.
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