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How do dual blades work?

I have just started maple story and have not played for years. I saw that there is a dual blade class now and I really just need to know who to talk to after lvl 10 to become one. I've been to every job trainer the game talks about and they all like me but none want to make me that job. What am I missing?


joejoeyoyo98 answered:

do you have a lightbuld above your head from a "anoymonous" sender? if so click it then talk to him.
Im guessing you still arent in victoria island, so if you arent, go to southperry and head there. when you arrive at lith harbor, go to kerning city via taxi, walking, or the statues. when you arrive talk to the guy near the jazz bar named ryden. talk to him at he will tell you further instructions.

And if you hadnt pressed the Explorer/Duel Blader button at character creation, you need to make a new character and press it.
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