Question from seiftie

Why do I keep logging off?

each time I try to log in on Maplestory I manage to stay in game for 5-10seconds before I disconnect from the game where I get the message "Unable to connect to the game server, please try again later".
Does anybody have an idea what could be the cause of this?

Ive got Vista Ultimate 64bit
Maplestory is running on XP SP2
Maplestory is running on administrator

seiftie provided additional details:

I just removed the gameguard folder, nothing either.


PhoenixZavior answered:

Alright, lets see, despite the fact that you are an Administrator, you may not have allowed the GameGuard to be allowed in, however, I doubt that is the problem. It may just be a Bad Install, honestly. There is a lot of Crappy things that MapleStory hasn't really gotten through when it Comes to Vista, unfortunatly. It really gets annoying I know, but. I would suggest, Uninstalling it, and Trying it again. If you've done that already, then who knows what you are not allowed to do, I personally had to mess with A LOT of settings.
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seiftie answered:

I reinastalled it, still seem to have the problem. I also turned my firewall off, but nothing good.
You said you messed with settings, is there a way to adjust settings anyway? Like resolution etc.
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diomil3 answered:

i had that same problem and the problem was my antivirus, it kept blocking it withouth any warning so try including maplestory.exe on da exceptions of ur antivirus.
hope this helps!
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PhoenixZavior answered:

Alright Seiftie, I figured it out. You may have to FORCE Maplestory to know you are an administrator. If you go to Maplestory's Icon, right click it, and go to Properties. Then go to compatability. And check the "Run this Program as an Administrator" box, and apply. If it is STILL not working, you may have to doubly show it you are an Administrator, not only should you click the "Run as an administrator box" in Compatability, but there is also one in Shortcut's "Advanced..." box, and then, if it doesn't work, depending on your Anti-Virus, you may REALLY have to mess with it, however. Totally killing MapleStory's excuse of "Your not an Administrator!!!!" excuse.
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PhoenixZavior answered:

Oh, and also. Your graphics, or bandwith, may simply might not be good enough. It's depressing, however, I heard a common fix for that kind of thing would be setting your Refresh Rate to 60 Hertz. Now, if it can't work after that, forget it. Nexon and MapleStory simply seem to not Co-Exist. Mainly because Nexon is trying to ditch MapleStory and swap it with Mabinogi Heroes, to the extent of my Knowledge. The Pirate Patch is just a last, Hurrah. I think.
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Skoldis answered:

i had the same problems. my problem was that i used nod32 as antivirus. You should try to get another antivirus.
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PhoenixZavior answered:

Hey, if Antivirus is the problem, AVG Free is supposed to be the best,
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lugia162 answered:

Bad connection
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Enoch32123 answered:

I have the kinda same-ish question. I re-downloaded Maple at 0.80,waited till today to try it.(yesterday, it had and error with AnnLab) The Farest i got was open the game and loading. Then it closes and has the "Disconected from the Login server" popup. No problem with AnnLab, the load up, the pop-up leading to the game, and i do not want to even try re downloading it because i took 4 hours just to clear space, and to it again is pain! I use XP, probally am the admin, and have a good 1 gb of space.(and no i have an good conection)
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