Question from Shadowshiek69

What is the best way to earn money for a level 40 warrior?

I don't want to merchant.


magicberyl answered:

Carnival PQ.. gather coins, trade/gamble them for necklace, if you get any stats +2 then you can sell it for 1.5m~1.8m, while failed (gray named) is around 600k~800k.. or trade for Gephart by 7 coins (lvl 35 thief dagger) and sell it by 150k at store

gambling necklaces.. you might get 45k~15k per coin and with steady gephart trading you get 20k per coin..

assuming that you get 3~~7... per 10 minutes round, you might get 200k per 10 minutes...

<b> remember, a game is played for entertainment, don't steal others coins </b>

happy mapling
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_silverz_ answered:

You could also Ludi PQ and aim for scrolls, although its pretty risky considering the chances of getting a good scroll and the time it takes to PQ.
Another way would be to try leprechauns or sakura cellions. Lepres aren't brilliant for warriors because they have to walk alot in the long run and the exp isn't brilliant either. If you go to sakura's, you'll get relatively good money and exp. The sooner you're level 50 the sooner you can Maze PQ which is pretty good money.
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DeathlySick answered:

If your interested in grinding for money fight toy golems in the 7th floor of Eos tower, when I was that level I got 1~2 mill a day if I played around 3 hours.
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1234hanrik answered:

Well if u dont mind about exp low then go to kill those dark flaming pupie looking like thingies they have low hp low exp but 200-400mesols each drop.
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dwarf614 answered:

you guys all have good ideas but best is go to NLC Then go to Crimsonwood then go kill leprachauns they drop 700-1300 meso bags if you use Rep double Drop Imagine the amazing money
I gain about a mill 45minutes double droping non stop on these
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bugoffspray answered:

Get nx and sell them for 1:10.

Get free nx here:
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