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About link skills (and other miscellaneous questions) ...?

Made my first character today, a Mercedes. I'm wondering, can you link one link-skill to more than one character? I'm thinking of levling a Mercedes and a Cygnus to get to know the game and to buff a "keeper" character in the end. My question is, can I use the link skill on a Cygnus and then again on my "keeper" character? Also, did I get it right when I read that, for the sole reason of buffing my other character, I need my Mercedes at level 70 and my Cygnus to 120?


ItsDrafted answered:

You can, but there is a cooldown on the change. You can only change who has the buff once per day. You're also right, you need to be level 70 before you can share the buff, but you can share it to any character -- regardless of the receiving character's level.
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