Question from Mastor77

Where do I find Manu for the Legend of the Snail?

I know it says around the thicket but which one?


dinokiller14 answered:

Thicket around the beach III at the TOP.
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Leikis answered:

Thicket Around the beach. Its in between lith harbour, and the three-way split. He only appears sometimes, though, so you might want to change channels if he's not there. If he is there, it should say "A cool breeze was felt when Mano Appeared" in the message box in blue writing. He's level 20 and has 2,000 hp and 30 mp. He recovers 10 hp every 10 secs and summons, snails ( he may summon red and blue snails too but I'm not sure)

Hope this helps~ ^_^
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lugia162 answered:

Hat the thicket around the beach at lith and three spilt road. he a boss but he really easy. u can tell when he show u becasue it say something in blue when he shows
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TheSpitball answered:

at thicket around the beach three. Go to an empty server and keep killing snails until he comes.
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mestranger5 answered:

You need to go to the Thicket Around the beach. You need to wait for like a hour for it to appear again. If you don't like waiting, change you channel until you see the phase written in blue: "A cool breeze was felt when Mano Appeared." Now that the game is not like old maple, it can appear anywhere in the place so don't just wait on the top.
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