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What are the Pro's and con's of a Shadower? Buccaneer?

as the title says, PLZ do not say Example. Pro's: This class Pwns
con's: What are cons?


DeathlySick answered:

Buccaneer pros:Best damage in the game, cool attack, big mobbing attacks, very easy to train.

Buccaneer cons:Worst range in the game, expensive equipment.

Shadower pros:Big damage, mid-range attacks, can drop mesos to deal massive damage, can solo boss', extremely fast leveling once you hit chief bandit.

Shadower cons:VERY expensive equipment, low health, take big damage, the most expensive class in the game next to Night Lord.

Really it comes down to how you like to play, I hope this helps.
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SodaP0PZ answered:

I'm not so sure about Buccaneers, but I think their pros and cons are something like this:

Buccaneer pros - Good damage, quicker training (VERY early in the game, maybe around level 10 :P), easier training, lots of attacks later on, high HP. More pros than this, but I can't recall them.

Cons - Really bad range, expensive (like all new classes are) and some of the late-game attacks are REALLY, and I MEAN REALLY REALLY slow. Gets very annoying if you aren't patient like me. Average MP, high MP costs for skills.

Shadower pros - Can deal some nice damage to gigantic mobs of monsters if you know how to use them. Fast leveling past 3rd job, can solo bosses like nothing, lots of skills to use so you don't get bored of mashing 1 skill over and over, and thieves seem to make the most money to me (dunno why...)

Cons - SUPER expensive. Low health compared to the damage they take, meso explosion is very costly if you decide to use it for 3rd job training, level 1-70 or so is extremely boring.

Like DeathlySick said, it comes down to how you play the game.
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