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Now that I'm lvl 50, is it time to start really scrolling claws? (no 100%)

Because I've been 100%'ing my claws up til now.

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Thanks, guys.


TMola answered:

If you can afford it, that is a good level.
I usually used a 10% on a weapon on the first slot, and discarded it if it failed, then 60% the rest.
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Rosencroitz answered:

The Skanda should be the earliest claw you actually try to scroll, scrolls cost too much to be worth it otherwise. The general rule is Skandas for DEXless, Scarabs for the rest.
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Ice_Shield answered:

If you can buy scrolls, but still have enough money to train for 5 levels without any other scrolling, then go for it. Don't spend all of your money on scrolls, if you fail most of them, you'll be left with a worthless weapon and no mesos to train with. Use a 10/30%, then follow up with 60%s. I personally do 30%, if it works then I do 2 70%s and follow up with 60%s. if the first slot fails, NPC the item.
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Insuevi answered:

General rule for sins is:
Glove > Claw > Stars

Once you get the money, you'll need to get a decent attack glove (most would put 'decent' at 8+ attack). Until then, 100%'ing claws is fine. When you're content with your glove, then you start working on a decent claw. If you're dexless, you're probably going to wait to aim for a nice Skanda. If you're regular/low dex, then you're going to want to work with a Scarab once you get to this point. After that, you can shell out some money for stars.

So to answer your question, get an attack glove first and don't worry about scrolling a claw until you're 64 (if using a Skanda) or 70 (if using a Scarab).
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Taiketo answered:

50 is to early to scroll claws for any reason. The time those levels take compared to the cost of a single claw scroll make it completely worthless. Stick with 100%s until Skanda/Scarab, and even then, don't worry about having a nice claw right at 64/70.
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1nppb answered:

You should make the decision
Just know that claw scrolls are excessively expensive compared to all other weapons.
In Khaini
10% ~ 2m
30% - 21m
60% - 5m
But as for my opinion it all depends on how fast you level.
If you intend on being lvl 50 for 2-3 weeks than don't put the money into it but if you are a very slow trainer like me and would be 5x for a month or two than it is worth it
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1234hanrik answered:

Dont bother scrolling till lv 65.
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Ulquior answered:

You can buy some scrolls like:chaos scrolls, if you are scare to use the chaos scolls
Then buy 40% or 30 % scrolls
The scrolls need to up attk
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