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What is the best world to start off in for a newbie?

What would be the best world to start off in, because I am new. (Like which world has the best economy/easier for a newbie)

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Sir_Phippish answered:

Bellocan, Khaini, Kradia, And Mardia are recommended, as they are new and have less people. Less people means easier to find training spots. Keep in mind that in the new servers (Kradia most prominently) people make low leveled characters, saying they are going to move there, but never go past 30. So the population of people of high levels is tiny, while the population of low levels is medium.
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Insuevi answered:

Scania has the most amount of people and is the oldest server, and same with Bera. While their economies are relatively stable compared to the other servers, the amount of people makes it hard to get by.

Broa and Windia are roughly the same, with a mix of economic problems and a fair number of people. They're not bad to start off in but they're not the most newbie friendly server, I suppose.

It's basically like that as the server list goes on. As the number of people decrease, the problems with the economy increase.

But you'll learn to adjust - as you get better in the game, money becomes easier to get and you'll deal with the economy, especially since it changes so often.

You might want to start off in a newer world like Bellocan or Mardia, since they have the least amount of players.
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Rosencroitz answered:

Bellocan or Kradia. These servers have the lowest populations in gMS currently, and will make finding training areas far easier than it'd be in any other server; as well as giving you the best chance for making it reasonably successfully, especially if you plan to spend NX on gaching.
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