Question from MrNintendo56

I want money fast?

What is the best money making character

MrNintendo56 provided additional details:

I want to support a dagger rouge

x1337Mudkipz asked for clarification:

ShadowAltair is advertising.

Clicking on that link will get you to a website. In the site, you do surveys and offers that are a pain in the butt to do. When you finish an offer, he gets some points. It's not worth it.


DrainHeart101 answered:

It would also depend on how much NX you have...I guess either an Ice/Lightning Mage or a Cleric, if you're just going by an nx-less, unfunded character to make money off of.
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1234hanrik answered:

Buy and sell.
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shifty2eyes answered:

Laright I have a long story....I was never good at collecting mesos, I made several characters and all turned out to be VERY low on cash. So I had just created a character a couple of weeks ago, and of course I was flat broke...So one day I decided to startand ask some people for money. I asked a couple of Assassins and Thieves and I got a HEFTY amount of $$$. This works all the time. I am currently a lvl 21 Warrior with a Mithril Buckler, lvl 20 armor, Viking sword and all. I hit a HUGE jackpot one day when somebody had dropped an Emergency Life Tube. I checked in the stores, sold for 0 Mesos. Took it to the FREE MARKET got 200K oh ya, and by the first day of asking people I had made over 600K I now have 900K...your welcome
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ratatouilla answered:

try this link!! it may b useful =D
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ChimeraXx answered:

Depending on how much mesos you have to fund your new character.
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