Question from MrGible

Where should A Level 108 Priest train?

30 HS
30 SR
30 Dragon
1 Door
20 ER
4 Dispel

Kinda sick of Himes


SalTheThief answered:

Himes with a DK.
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1234hanrik answered:

bosses that requires pre quest (normaly they are stronger)

time gap in ludi

KSing noobs in henesy kinda fun

Doing random quest that u havent finished
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nicolas1284 answered:

Yeah, do those quests that require high leveled characters in order to kill bosses..

or just Kill Steal all day long at Henesys hunting ground:P

Im not that high level so i cant say where to go but im on my way there :P
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AlexanderDrake answered:

You could try those skull wyvern things near where Horntail is... At least I think you should be able to...
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nicolas1284 answered:

1 Year later... from my previous post, and i say

go to Galloperas, Jr.Newties or u could probably begin or... continue o.o skelegons idk party exp lvl requirement for them but newties are 100 i think
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