Question from Twinkies415

Spear Final Attack or Hyper Body?

I am a lvl 35 spearman, and i dont know which to max out first. i mainly do cpq to lvl, if that makes a difference.

Twinkies415 provided additional details:

I am going pure spear


SalTheThief answered:

Hyper body. Don't touch any form of final attack. Go hybrid.
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Shia answered:

If you're really adamant about going pure spear get final attack first.
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jiawei1997 answered:

I am a 49 spearman pure spear and i fully added my final attack which is good for killing truckers at singapore.DAM SHEOK
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1234hanrik answered:

Spear final attak. so u do more damage
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ValkyrieCain answered:

Hyper Body. *It's what I did my my spearman* Final Attack will be your last call. Hyper Body is good if your doing Party Quests. *LPQ WILL SO WANT SPEARMEN*
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