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Question about how to sell items?

How can i left my character selling items while i'm AFK?? i'm not talking about having a "hired seller", i'm just talking about my own character selling with the dialogue box permanently like other players do.

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samurai_bandit answered:

You have to buy a shop permit (In the cash shop, with nexon). The regular permit shop costs 1.8k nexon cash and will expire in 3 months.

To use it take it out of the cash shop and then go to your Cash inventory, double click on it and the just put whatever you want to sell which their price in your shop.

You can only open it in FM, and you cannot move while its opened.
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Rosencroitz answered:

You can also buy NPC shops which you can set up in the Free Market while you log off, or go do other things. They're fairly expensive, though, but can be quite worth it if you have lots of stuff to sell.

Make sure you check the prices of your items by comparing them with other shops in the FM, and by checking Basil and Sleepywood as well.
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