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Asked: 5 years ago

What can a lvl 34 cleric do to lvl up quicker?

Basically i wanna lvl up as quick as possible in Kradia without CPQing

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Hit Psycho Jacks in Haunted House: Toy Room [3] until you have a decent leveled heal, then go to Kerning Subway and kill wraiths for a while.

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Above but Jr. Wraiths, then Zombie Lupins, then actual Wraiths, then to Zombies after that... Hoodoos/Voodoos...

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Stick with Zombie Mushroom mini-dungeon for a while (Ant Tunnel II) until you have a decent level heal. With heal, you should go to Wraiths in the mid-40s, and at around 47 if you have MP Eater, go to either Mysterious Path 3 (crowded, but good spots), Ghost Ship 2 (semi-crowded), or Ghost Ship 5 (Barely anyone here) in Singapore.

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