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How much does a Maple Staff cost or is it better to buy myself a petal staff i am a level 35 Cleric?

Cause i want to have a decent armour/weapon set and right now i am sort of sucky, Got a lefay jester black, red chaos robe, wizard wand, and blue snow shoes , what should i do


AuroriaFlash answered:

Maple staff is better of course, since it gives alot of HP bonus, which is an advantage, considering that you're are a cleric, It should be worth somewhere around 500k, or just wait til anniversary and try your luck

Petal staff can be obtained by coins from Monster Carnival (it's still there right??I haven't played in a while so I don't know >_>), so which ever you prefer
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Luke20333 answered:

The cost of items depends on what server your on. Since I do not know what server your on, I can only provide info on the items.

Maple items on the server I am on are pricey. I am on Khani and a clean maple staff is around 1-2m.

So basically, if you have the money buy the maple staff or save your money and buy a regular weapon. The lv 43 maple staff is much better in my opinion and has much better stats for the investment.
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LineRiderAddict answered:

The weapons are cheaper on Bera and Scania, but as you go down the server list, they get more expensive.
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surfwaves314 answered:

Now in 2010 they are worth 7 mil and the maple staff is definitly better
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