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How do i teleport to move faster as a magician?


gallir answered:

Teleprt is a skill that you can learn at level 30 when you become either a Wizard (Ice/Lightning or Fire/Poison) or a Cleric.
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Graterkin answered:

Press an arrow key and the key you assign the Teleport skill to. You can do this at about the same time (making sure to press the arrow key first) if you're skilled in order to perform quick successive teleports across narrow platforms. The alternative is to hold the arrow key for any length of time and press the key you've assigned Teleport to. You will teleport in that direction and continue doing so (with a slight delay) if you continue holding down the Teleport key. Teleporting up and down only works if there's a platform above or below you within Teleport's range. Vertical teleporting gave me the impression that it has a greater range, though.
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