Question from Reaperlord1

Where do i find feirry tenticles?

I got the quest and cant find them sry if spelled wrong


gamemaster4u answered:

You can find them from fierry( looks like fairy ) you can find them at the place where mushmoms are or at the hiden street where golems are.
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AlexanderDrake answered:

Or on about Cloud Park V or so in Orbis.
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ValkyrieCain answered:

Fierry Tenticles can be found in two common places. (There might be more, I'm not a pro. I'm level 64.)

1) The Henesys Dungeon Entrance---Go in that giant ditch in the middle of the map, and go into the sign saying "DANGER" or something like that. *Be wary, Stone Golems are level 55!*

2) Orbis:Cloud Park V (If I remember correctly). *Luster Pixies, level 40-50*

*I hope this helped.* =)
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