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What can I do with all the Maple Leaves that monsters keep dropping?

I know that you can talk to Cassandra and put a maple leaf in your mouth and then make maple syrup. but is there any other purpose for all the maple leaves that the monsters are dropping?


uLo5e2me answered:

You can trade them in at Lith Harbor for monster cards, or use them to upgrade maple weapons.
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GB1337 answered:

The event is over now, but you used to be able to:

- Buy Monster Cards from Tienk in Lith Harbor
- Upgrade Maple Weapons at the Maple Administrator
- Buy Event Scrolls from the Maple Admin
- Buy and Upgrade Earrings and the Helmet from the Admin
- Receive equippable Leaves and Maple Syrup to scroll them with from Cassandra
- Use them along with Snow Silk to buy and Upgrade the Maple Cape

I believe that's a full list.
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