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When i made a new character, why does it automatically give me warrior stats ?

I made a new character 'cause i hadn't made one in ages . i wanted it to be a Mage, but the stats they gave me were Warrior stats . can you guys give feedback ?


kyle273 answered:

As a beginner, you do. Once you make the job advancment however, the beginning stats are restarted to best match your class. This means you will start off with 10 5 4 4, but once making the job advancment, your skill points will be automatically redistributed to suit your class. (Mage would be 4 4 10 5, theif would be 4 10, 4 5. and so on and so forth.) If you were going for a luckless or Dexless build, you might want to save up your distributing points while leveling to level 10. That way, they won't get set into the wrong stats.
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bambi300 answered:

New players automatically start with STR at the highest, DEX in the middle, and INT and LUK at 4. When you make your job advancement, all your stats will be reset, except for your class' main stat.

For example, if you wanted to become a Mage, you'd just have to go to Grendel and get the job advancement. Even if you had 4 INT and 30something STR, you'd still be able to advance. After you advance, you'd have 20 int, and the rest of your stats would be reset and you would use them to your liking.

So Beginners are encouraged to add STR when they're leveling on Maple Island to train efficiently as possible.
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