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Leveling up help?

My friends level up really fast and i want to be able to keep up with them. I'm a warrior and so are they. Any tips?

blasterman010 provided additional details:

I'm level 23


nicolas1284 answered:

Well i don't remember exactly but do Kerning City Party Quest if i recall correctly it is for levels 20-30 perfect for reaching your second advancement. 5 rounds, each round gives exp and by the end of it you accumulate a large amount of exp and plus you can earn prizes such as earrings, bamboo hats and Scroll for Dexterity which can be sold for like 1m or something like that so if i'm wrong try ant tunnel or just ask your friends how they leveled but once you get to do KPQ then i suggest it.
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AlexanderDrake answered:

Ghost Stumps(near Perion) /Ribbon Pigs (Pig Beach is nice for that but usually crowded)

At around 26 with normal dex you should be able to hit the stuff in the first part of KPQ so go there. After KPQ... well Trade Wins in CPQ is a good idea, but if you want monsters you could do Sakura Cellions near Amoria (or go to Orbis and kill Jr. Cellion/Grupins/Lioners. Depending on your second job and how you built it you can go into LPQ at 40 (if Fighter you'll need max Rage as Spearman max Hyper Body and Page... yeah... to be excepted by anyone but your friends). Which... if you're (RL?) friends are all warriors.... then you shouldn't have been.
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