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Level 200?

What happens when one reaches level 200?


TheWepon answered:

you have reached the max lvl and you can get the Red Draco mount not much else really
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OhBlues answered:

A server wide announcement appears (The rare announcements in blue writing in the chat box) telling everyone you've reached 200.
You can get the red draco mount and the medal available for your class for hitting 200.
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darkcoaster6 answered:

It makes you sooooo much popular seriously!!!!!!
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KHRTsuna answered:

-You can get a new mount (red draco).
-You get a little bit famous.(If you have a buddy that is like your best friend it will say to the whole world that u have reached lv 200 and The GM will give people notice that your lv 200)
-Can get in bosses place easliy with other people because your lv 200 and you can help them alot.(Depends on ur items)
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ChimeraXx answered:

You can stop playing Maplestory or start a new character, give out free money to your friends, etc. xD
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InkSpell432 answered:

Lv. 200 is the highest possible LV. to reach. It turns out that being LV. 200 may be worth it:

You can get the Red Draco mount.

A server announcement says in the chat box that you have reached LV. 200. It will be shown to every Mapler on the same server and that are online while you reached LV. 200.

Obviously, you can equip anything based on your job as long as you use Auto-Assign.

If you play a lot, you might be famous, or at least, you can get a lot of Fame.

You can defeat any enemy without breaking a sweat.

That's all I can find.
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