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MapleStory won't load! Help? Anyone?

Ever since the HackShield came into effect, I've never been able to access MapleStory. I don't use Vista. When I start up the game, I click on the PLAY button, then HackShield appears, then after it goes away, NOTHING! What happened? How can I fix this?


Luke20333 answered:

Oh this had happened to me a while ago too. I uninstalled the entire game completely then re-downloaded it from Nexon. This seems to fix any loading problems I've had.

Go into the control panel on windows from the start menu, and then into 'Add/Remove programs.' Find Maplestory on the list and then click 'change/remove'. Click through the prompts until the game begins uninstalling. After the game has finished uninstalling, restart your computer, and then reinstall Maplestory from a new download from Nexon.

Hope this works!
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